MOL Group statement on the first sentence of the Sanader-trial

23-11-2012 — / — It is not our duty to comment the first sentence the Zagreb County Court made today. Being the biggest investor in Croatia, obviously we need to respect it and regard it as a decision of an independent juridical body of the Republic of Croatia.

However we consider this case to be less about the companies that have been named, but more as a political matter within Croatia. We do believe that you can not convict someone if there is no motive, crime or evidence. Namely, no special reason was necessary that MOL as the largest single shareholder takes over control over a company which needed to be saved from a technical bankruptcy.

This is an initial, preliminary ruling; we have many times rejected categorically the accusations made against MOL and we will continue to do so.

Our intentions in acquiring our shareholding in INA, built up over many years, have always been positive; as the largest foreign investor in Croatia we want to contribute to make INA even more successful and profitable.




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