Millecasa won the CLH Group’s 2015 “Zero Accidents” award for best occupational health and safety performance

The award, which is celebrating its fifth year, is given to the collaborating company with the best occupational safety performance

MADRID, 13-4-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Millecasa, a company that provides assembly and maintenance services for industrial facilities, has won the CLH Group’s 2015 “Zero Accidents” award, as the company with the best occupational health and safety performance out of all the collaborating companies providing services at CLH’s facilities over the past year.

The Chairman of CLH, José Luis López de Silanes, and the Managing Director, Salvador Guillén, presented the award to the Chairman of Millecasa, José Luis Sanz, and the Managing Director, Ignasi, Boleda, in a ceremony held today at CLH’s headquarters in Madrid.

The jury, composed of members of CLH’s Occupational Risk Prevention, Environment and Safety Section, chose to award Millecasa in recognition of its excellent performance, closing out the year 2014 without any accidents in the work provided for CLH.

The award, which celebrated its fifth year in 2015, is intended to involve participating companies in CLH’s values and safety and accident prevention policy.

To be eligible for this recognition, collaborating companies must be approved by the CLH Group and sign the “Zero is Possible” Safety Commitment, which solidifies their commitment to encourage the physical, mental and social well-being of their workers with suitable protection and prevention measures to mitigate the inherent risks in their daily work.

In 2014, the company invested nearly 61 million euros in various projects to expand and improve its infrastructures, with the collaboration of 438 external companies contributing a total of over 810,000 hours of work, with only 3 accidents resulting in sick leave and 7 missed working days, for a total Accident Frequency Rate of 3.70 and Serious Accident Rate of 0.01.

The “Zero Accidents” award is one of the initiatives included in the CLH Group’s safety programme, initiated in 2008, which is aimed at eliminating occupational accidents through the implementation of various activities and campaigns to promote prevention.

Thanks to these activities, CLH ended 2014 with zero occupational accidents in its work centres – the best safety results in its history of over 85 years. CLH Aviación also improved its results and is close to achieving this objective.

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