Michelin Introduces Expanded CROSSGRIP Range with Enhanced Versatility and Performance

Michelin Introduces Expanded CROSSGRIP Range with Enhanced Versatility and Performance

(IN BRIEF) Michelin is expanding its CROSSGRIP range with the addition of two new dimensions: 480/70R20 and 480/80R26. Designed for various vehicles, including industrial, agricultural, and handling equipment, the CROSSGRIP range offers exceptional versatility on roads, grass, and snow. The tire features deep grooves and an innovative rubber compound, enabling excellent performance in all weather conditions while ensuring operator comfort, safety, and grip on slippery surfaces. The Michelin radial structure enhances maneuverability on hard surfaces and at high speeds. Additionally, the CROSSGRIP tire’s low rolling resistance optimizes energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and extending the range of electric vehicles. The range has undergone rigorous testing, earning the official M&S certification for reliable performance in winter conditions.

(PRESS RELEASE) CLERMONT-FERRAND, 18-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The MICHELIN CROSSGRIP range is expanding with two new dimensions: 480/70R20 and 480/80R26, for a broad spectrum of vehicles. In fact, it can be fitted to industrial, agricultural, or handling equipment. It is particularly suited to mini loaders, reach forklifts and agricultural tractors up to 200 HP.

Boasting great versatility for use on roads, grass and snow, the MICHELIN CROSSGRIP range is part of the Michelin compact tire category.

In terms of technology, its tread has deep grooves and a brand-new rubber compound that:

  • Enables performance regardless of the weather conditions
  • Ensures the comfort and safety of machine operators
  • Guarantees excellent grip on slippery surfaces while providing protection
  • Increases productivity and its uses

The MICHELIN radial structure gives this tire maximum manoeuvrability on hard surfaces and at high speeds.

The MICHELIN CROSSGRIP tire optimizes the machines’ energy efficiency, regardless of whether these are powered by combustion engines or electric, thanks to low rolling resistance.  This allows for reducing fuel consumption, as well as an increase in electric vehicle range.

This new range has been the subject of an in-depth and rigorous testing process in order to assess the grip and braking on compact snow, and has obtained the official M&S* certification, which proves that this tire is a reliable product suited to winter conditions.

*M&S certification: these guarantees use on mud or snow thanks to the tire casing, which comprises obliquely layered plies and wires that gives the tread a specific geometry.

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