Mercedes-Benz Unveils Ambitious Expansion of Global High-Power Charging Network

Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub

(IN BRIEF) Mercedes-Benz is set to launch its initial high-power charging stations this fall, starting in Atlanta (USA), Chengdu (China), and Mannheim (Germany). This move marks the beginning of a global charging network expansion, aiming to have over 2,000 high-power charging points worldwide by the end of 2024. These stations, designed for quick and sustainable electric vehicle charging, will be strategically located for accessibility and equipped with amenities. The initiative underscores Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to EV adoption and its ambition to lead in charging infrastructure innovation.

(PRESS RELEASE) STUTTGART, 28-Aug-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — The Mercedes-Benz Group AG (former Daimler AG), one of the world’s most successful automotive companies, is set to open its inaugural high-power charging stations this autumn, in a significant step towards revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. This strategic move marks the initiation of Mercedes-Benz’s extensive vision to amplify its global charging infrastructure, positioning it as a frontrunner in EV charging innovation.

Commencing this October, the maiden Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs are primed to commence operations across three key global locations: Atlanta (USA), Chengdu (China), and Mannheim (Germany). With a resolute drive, the company envisions surpassing 2,000 high-power charging points in its global network by the culmination of 2024. This endeavor underscores Mercedes-Benz’s long-term objective of establishing over 2,000 Charging Hubs that collectively host more than 10,000 charging points before the end of the current decade.

“We firmly believe that electric mobility is the key to a sustainable, zero-emission future. Our goal is to create an infrastructure that offers electric vehicles reliable and easy charging options. In this way, we are actively supporting the transformation to electric mobility With the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network, we are expanding global charging options and setting new standards in electric vehicle charging. We want to encourage our customers to switch to zero-emission vehicles and thus make a positive contribution to protecting our environment,” said Franz Reiner, CEO Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG.

Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs: A Paradigm Shift

Mercedes-Benz is poised to redefine the parameters of rapid, hassle-free, and eco-conscious EV charging through its dynamic charging network. Depending on the geographical region, these stations are designed to facilitate charging speeds of up to 400 kW, delivered via standardized charging systems including CCS1, CCS2, NACS, and GB/T. With astute charging management, each EV will be charged at its optimal power capacity, thereby drastically reducing customer wait times.

Location Selection and Customer Experience

With customer satisfaction at the core of its strategy, Mercedes-Benz has meticulously chosen prime locations for its Charging Hubs. The stations are strategically positioned in high-traffic areas and at select Mercedes-Benz dealerships, offering not just charging but also additional amenities like refreshments, snacks, and restroom facilities. To ensure the utmost safety, surveillance cameras are planned for station installations. Innovative light poles in certain locations provide both illumination and real-time status updates on charging point availability and vehicle charging progress. Moreover, weather protection is provided through canopies at designated Charging Hubs.

Inclusive Charging Network

The Mercedes-Benz charging network extends its arms to embrace drivers of all EV brands. While all users can access the network, Mercedes-Benz patrons enjoy exclusive perks, including the convenience of reserving charging points through the Mercedes-Benz me Charge service, aimed at minimizing waiting periods. Seamlessly integrating with the existing global charging infrastructure comprising over 1.3 million charging points, the Mercedes-Benz network becomes a seamless part of EV users’ journeys, further enhanced by the integration of the charging stations into the brand’s Navigation with Electric Intelligence feature. With an eye towards making the experience even smoother, services like Plug & Charge are set to be integrated, allowing for automated charging and payment processes upon plugging in the cable.

A Green Charging Future

Aligned with its “Ambition 2039” sustainability strategy, Mercedes-Benz is committed to nurturing eco-friendly charging habits. The entire network will be powered by 100% renewable electricity, obtained through green electricity supply contracts or renewable energy certificates. In a stride towards self-sufficiency, selected Charging Hubs will be adorned with solar panels, ensuring the generation of electricity for their own operations.

Elevating the Charging Ecosystem

This bold move is part of Mercedes-Benz’s relentless march towards an “electric only” future, reflecting the brand’s commitment to electrification and sustainable mobility. The Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network not only complements the existing European fast charging network IONITY but also dovetails with the company’s collaboration with fellow OEMs in expanding the North American charging infrastructure. Underpinning the overarching electrification strategy is Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, the hub housing all charging-related ventures.

As the automotive industry transitions to an electrified era, Mercedes-Benz is at the vanguard, sculpting the charging landscape with a vision that encapsulates accessibility, sustainability, and innovation.

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SOURCE: Mercedes-Benz Group AG


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