MEP Olekas is elected Chairman of the Euronest PA Social Affairs Committee

MEP Olekas is elected Chairman of the Euronest PA Social Affairs Committee

At the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly session in Tbilisi on 8 and 10 December, Juozas Olekas, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), was elected Chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs, Employment, Education, Culture and Civil Society.

(PRESS RELEASE) BRUSSELS, 10-Dec-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — During the regular session of the Parliamentary Assembly, the political leaders worked on different committees and adopted resolutions on further cooperation between the European Union and the Euronest Eastern countries.

“Education is the answer to many questions and the solution to many problems. We have to pay attention not only here (in the European Union and Eastern countries), but also in Lithuania. Until teachers and lecturers become an indisputable state priority, there is no point in talking about progress and long-term social change. Imagine a teacher who teaches patriotism and respect for the state when he personally feels that the state does not respect him completely. After all, this is an absurdity, and not only does this social agreement fail, it is a threat to our future generations.

As the world, Europe and Lithuania face social inequalities that hurt people, we need to take the lead in explaining to people, but also to some political leaders, that the problems in society are intertwined and need complex solutions. In one part of the world, we cannot talk about introducing artificial intelligence into our daily lives, and in another, leaving thousands of children, young people and people of working age without mobile communication and the simple use of computer knowledge in their daily lives.

Opportunity inequality creates an extraordinary divide between us, improving the lives of the privileged and forgetting those who suffer the most,” says J. Olekas, a Social Democrat and chair of the Euronest Social Affairs Committee.

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is a parliamentary forum for promoting political cooperation and further economic integration between the European Union and its Eastern European partners. The Assembly brings together 110 political leaders from the European Parliament and the Eastern Partnership countries. The Parliamentary Assembly consists of 60 Members of the European Parliament and 10 Members from each of the following Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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Juozas Olekas,
Member of the European Parliament
Office: + 32 2 28-38358


SOURCE: Socialists & Democrats



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