Medical portal “” moves from the US to Germany’s largest and most modern data center

From the US to Biere – medical professionals move into T-Systems’ data Fort-Knox

  • Medical portal “” (Ask-the-Professor) now available from the Open Telekom Cloud
  • Data security was crucial
  • Experts from Charité or Oxford University give free advice

BONN, 27-Jul-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — The portal “” (Ask-the-professor) moves from the US to Germany’s largest and most modern data center. Patients now receive medical advice from the Open Telekom Cloud in Biere. Due to the location in Germany, the internet offer benefits from the strict German data protection. After 19 months of development “Frag-den-Professor” is now launched with animated holograms. Previously, a mainframe with 14,340 processor cores had processed around 3.6 million individual images. Users can now click on the interactively designed holograms.

Free of charge service and without advertising

More than 100 physicians from Charité Berlin or Oxford University provide information on health via “”. The service is free of charge and without advertising. Oliver Plantenberg, Managing Director of “Frag-den-Professor”, says: “Trust and security are important for our medical consulting services. That’s why we decided to move from a major provider in the United States to Telekom Healthcare Solutions. The data center in Biere has the necessary certifications for the secure operation of our portal.”

Arndt Lorenz, Managing Director of Telekom Healthcare Solutions, says: “The Open Telekom Cloud is available via the public Internet. For our customers this is a practical and at the same time highly secure service for their digitization. For us, this is a key building block on the way to becoming the number one cloud service provider for business customers in Europe”.

40 million Germans are looking for information on health on the internet

The internet is becoming increasingly important in the search for health. Around 40 million Germans are now researching this on the Internet. Prof. Dr. med. Werner Scherbaum from the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf explains: “Medicine is developing rapidly. It is important that patients are kept up to date.” Frag-den-Professor offers information from a reliable and accepted source. The previous knowledge facilitates the following discussion with the attending physician.

Intelligent search engine

Those seeking advice will find an intelligent search engine on “”. This shows topics already during the input – also for important synonyms. For example, if you type ‘sugar’, you will receive all search results for diabetes. The response films usually last one to two minutes. The user can watch several films. Then he logs on to the portal. The portal remains free of charge.

About Frag-den-Professor:
Frag-den-Professor is an association of over 100 leading medical professors who have made it their business to provide quality-assured medical information on the Internet for patients free of charge. The information is comprehensible for patients and serves e.g. as preparation for a discussion with the family doctor. Frag-den-Professor is independent and does not require any advertising, as the professors involved work on a voluntary basis and bear further expenses.

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Prof. Dr. med. Werner A. Scherbaum

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