Lunen Hospital uses the ZEISS cinemizer OLED 3D multimedia glasses to calm nervous patients

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 10-5-2013 — / — Patients awaiting surgery often become fearful long before the operation is due. Just the thought of the atmosphere of the operating room is enough to spark discomfort and nervousness.

Dr. Holger Sauer, chief physician of the anaesthesia department in Lunen Hospital, is now offering his patients a gentle drug-free diversion using the ZEISS cinemizer OLED head mounted display. His aim is to create a “Fear Free Operating Theatre”. The 3D multimedia glasses, made by the optics and opto-electronics specialists ZEISS, displays calming movies as a distraction both before and during surgery. 

“The films play directly on the two OLED displays in the glasses – so patients can immerse themselves in a different world, and leave the anxious environment of the operating room behind,” explains product manager Franz Troppenhagen.

Dr. Sauer, who also used the previous model cinemizer Plus, confirmed the advantages of the new OLED cinemizer: “The effect of distraction and reassurance is clearly noticeable, the need of sleeping pills and sedatives is already markedly decreased. The glasses are an important tool for us; and for our patients, their hospital stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible”.

The cinemizer OLED connects to a video source using HDMI or an optional iPod/iPhone adapter. This allows it to connect to numerous video sources, including smartphones and tablets. The OLED displays provide a clear 2D image and also have a convincing stereoscopic 3D mode.

Good news for people who wear glasses, each display has a separate, variable diopter adjust-ment to compensate for poor eyesight. The integrated in-ear headphones provide the perfect sound – so it is also possible to cover unpleasant noises from the operating room. The cinemizer OLED is available at a price of £599 online and in stores.

3D Cinema in the Operating Theatre with the ZEISS cinemizer OLED

3D Cinema in the Operating Theatre with the ZEISS cinemizer OLED

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