LOTOS Oil products meet the quality assurance criteria and standards required for the armed forces of NATO member countries

Gdańsk, Poland, 17-Jun-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — For nearly twenty years, LOTOS Oil has supplied lubricants to Polish armed forces of various kinds. It has been ten years since the quality management system in place at LOTOS Oil successfully underwent the AQAP 2110 certification. This means that the company’s products meet the quality assurance criteria and standards required of every supplier of products for the armed forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries.

– AQAP consists of clear procedures and requirements – explains Robert Bialik, President of the Management Board of LOTOS Oil. ‘It guarantees that the army receives products of the highest available or expected quality. Every tender won and every order for any product from our extensive offering of oils and lubricants for the defence industry make us proud that a Polish product was again chosen. Also, our maintenance staff are always there to support military technicians in equipment servicing work – adds Mr Bialik.

Hards, Wolverines and Leopards

LOTOS Oil’s flagship products for the army are: TURDUS POWERTEC 3000 10W40 oils used in Rosomak (‘Wolverine’) wheeled armoured transporters, G-421 lubricating oil perfect for Leopard tanks, and TYTALIT AV-395 lubricating oil. LOTOS Oil also supplies GL-4/CD SAE 5W40, a multi-purpose oil for heavy military equipment, to Zakłady Mechaniczne Bumar Mikulczyce. Zakłady Mechaniczne Bumar Łabędy are supplied with multigrade engine oil CF-4 SAE 20W/50 for PT-91 Twardy (‘Hard’) tanks.

– It is worth noting that many of our products, such as GL-4/CD SAE 5W40 and CF-4 SAE 20W/50 oils, and G-421 and TYTALIT AV-395 lubricants, were designed specifically for military applications. They were tested in extreme conditions and meet every requirement of military technologies – says Rafał Gałuszka, Head of the Key Accounts Office at LOTOS Oil.

In the air, in the water and on the ground

Motor (engine), compressor and hydraulic oils, machine oils, adhesive lubricating oils and marine preservative lubricants − the list of products supplied to the Polish armed forces comprises a few dozen items, and covers many more possible applications. – We only know some of them, and the military don’t share all the information. What we receive is detailed specifications, and deliver the products to the specified address – concludes Mr Gałuszka.

LOTOS Oil, a company of the LOTOS Group, is a manufacturer and distributor of gear, base and industrial oils, as well as lubricating greases. The company has been the market leader in motor oils for many years, and its flagship product in this category is the LOTOS family of oils. TURDUS is another oil brand designed for professional users. In addition, the company’s offering includes a cutting-edge line of LOTOS QUAZAR engine oils.

All production processes at LOTOS Oil are covered by an ISO 9001:2000-compliant Quality Management System, and the company holds an AQAP 2110 compliance certificate.

LOTOS Oil is a member of Association Technique de L’Industrie Européene des Lubrifiants, representing major European lubricant manufacturers and marketers. The company also participates in the work of ELGI (the European Lubricating Grease Institute).

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