LOGSTOR licensed the Inducon® induction welding technology for pipe line field joints from its Austrian industrial partner K.E. Kelit

Løgstør, Denmark, 26-Apr-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — LOGSTOR, the world leader in pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling and supplier to the oil and gas sector as well as the chemical and food industries, adds new HDPE welding technology.

LOGSTOR has licensed the Inducon® induction welding technology for pipe line field joints from the Austrian industrial partner K.E. Kelit.

Yves Paletta, President & CEO of LOGSTOR states: “In order to support our strategic growth, we have decided to expand our technology range with the Inducon® welding technology. This relative new and patented technology offers an excellent combination of cost effective, fast and reliable installation, which is key for our clients in the District Energy market. We have chosen a proven solution with an impressive track record of more than 70.000 installed joints in Europe. As exclusive licensee in most of our European core markets, LOGSTOR willl work closely with K.E. Kelit to further develop this technical solution and increase the portion of welded joints in the district energy networks. This joint effort will further strengthen the quality and durability of the district energy infrastructure ”

Karl Egger Kelit, CEO & Owner of K.E. Kellit said: “KE KELIT, a medium-sized company producing and developing pipes, fittings and pipe joint technology and possessing more than 150 patents, is more than happy to have found in LOGSTOR a strong partner for its induction welding licences and technology . KE KELIT has much expertise and experience using this technology and will transfer this knowledge to LOGSTOR.”

For additional information, please contact

Kristian Overgaard, EVP Technology LOGSTOR, +45 99 66 1000
Karl Egger Kellit, President of K.E. Kellit, +43 50779 118



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