Line Dybdal appointed as Head of Social Management at Ramboll Management Consulting

Line Dybdal is one of Denmark’s leading evaluation experts. Since she joined Ramboll Management Consulting in 2006, she has specialised in identifying the sociopolitical initiatives which contribute to improve the well-being of citizens who find themselves on the edge of their lives and have trouble finding their feet.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 8-4-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Every year, billions are invested to support marginalised citizens. Especially within children and youth, we need to evaluate which political initiatives that actually work. Critics wrinkle their nose when citizens with complex problems are being evaluated from top to toe and fitted into mathematical models. Nonetheless, evidence has entered social politics to allow decision-makers to assess whether the money is well spent.

As a step to maintaining Ramboll Management Consulting’s leading position within development and evaluation of the public sector, Line Dybdal was recently appointed as the new Head of Social Management, a department that delivers analyses and evaluations within social politics. In her new role, Line will build on our long tradition of combining the latest research and evaluation methods with deep sector knowledge from key welfare areas such as education, employment, and social politics.

Complex projects
During more than seven years in Ramboll, Line has managed many demanding and complex projects. Current projects include Trygfonden’s newly established research centre, CARE@AU, at Aarhus University, where she collaborates with some of Denmark’s most skilled researchers to gain new knowledge on which initiatives that create the best surroundings for vulnerable children and youth. Meanwhile, she leads a consortium that investigates how to ensure children’s well-being and learning in daycares.

– Every year, we invest more than DKK 15BN in helping socially vulnerable children and youth to a better life. Unfortunately, they still do worse than non-marginalised children. When it comes to breaking with the social inheritance, we know that some methods and initiatives have a higher impact than others. As a welfare society, we have a responsibility to secure that the initiatives we offer to the most vulnerable citizens are based on the best possible knowledge. Ethically, we cannot initiate projects, because we believe they’re the best, if they aren’t backed by the most valid insights. And economically, we have to prioritise our resources and choose the most cost-effective efforts, says Line Dybdal.

Experienced thought leader
As an evaluation expert, Line has developed into an experienced thought leader, who frequently publishes academic articles in international, peer-reviewed journals and presents her knowledge in both Danish and European evaluation societies. Line cooperates closely with international professors, who praise her methodological ability to procure evidence-based knowledge with a strong focus on political and practical relevance and applicability.

Both among colleagues and clients, Line is highly acknowledged for her professional competencies and willingness to generously share her insights. Indeed, she performs with high professionalism, credibility, and integrity, when she translates the best knowledge into new practices in cooperation with researchers and practitioners.

Line Dybdal graduated as MA in Ethnography and Social Anthropology from Aarhus University in 2003. Today, she lives with her husband and five-year-old son in an apartment in Aarhus. When she is off work, she enjoys running and biking around Aarhus, vacations on Samsø, and the annual skiing trip.


Line Dybdal
Business Manager
Mobile +45 5161 7854


Line Dybdal appointed as Head of Social Management at Ramboll Management Consulting

Line Dybdal appointed as Head of Social Management at Ramboll Management Consulting

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