KGHM starts detailed geophysical surveys for potassium salts near the Bay of Puck in northern Poland

Nearly 600 million tonnes of raw material, containing from 7 to 13.7 percent of potassium oxide, used for the production of fertilizers. This, according to preliminary estimates, may be found in several adjacent deposits of potassium-magnesium salts and rock salts near the Bay of Puck in northern Poland. KGHM has just launched detailed geophysical surveys that may lead to the construction of an underground potassium-magnesium salts mine.

LUBLIN, 23-9-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — The area of salts occurrence is yet to be finally recognized. KGHM, which received an exploration license, plans to complete a series of geophysical surveys in the vicinity of Puck, Władysławowo and Krokowa. Maciej Koński, Executive Director for Strategic Analyses and Resource Base, stressed that the surveys would not have any impact on the environment and people’s lives. “During geophysical exploration we will not carry out earthmoving, drilling or blasting works, so there are no concerns related to the protection of natural heritage. The most important elements of the geological environment, such as the hydrogeological conditions and the structure of the surface layer, will remain intact – both during and after the survey is completed,” said Maciej Koński.

According to available data, potassium-magnesium salts and rock salts deposits are at a depth of 740–900 meters. If the outcome of further geological works proves successful, it may result in the development of a new mine in the region. The mine would offer, directly and indirectly, employment to hundreds of local residents.“Mining is one of the world’s most important drivers of new technologies and innovation. As much as two thirds of expenditure in this business comes from outside suppliers, many of whom are local entrepreneurs. Around KGHM’s mines, there forms an economic ecosystem, based on strong ties and dialogue with local governments, businesses, research institutes and universities. Therefore, development of mining is an opportunity for the whole region of the Bay of Puck,” said Mariusz Dąbrowski, head of the project.

Mined raw material will be used, among other things, for the production of fertilizers for agriculture. These will be the first fertilizers from Polish raw material. Technological research on the possibilities of producing new types of fertilizers will begin as soon as larger number of potassium-magnesium salts samples is obtained, during drilling process. This also applies to long-acting fertilizers, which when spread on the fields do not enter surface water so quickly and in such amount, as fertilizers produced so far.

KGHM plans to explore potassium-magnesium salts alongside with Grupa Azoty. Cooperation should bring significant added value for both companies. For KGHM, it means diversification of its mining activities. The company, which currently mines rock salt in the Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine, wants to develop its technology and take advantage of its experience in the extraction of potassium-magnesium salts. Grupa Azoty, via its investment in the mine, will get access to the stable and competitively priced supplies of raw material required in the chemical and fertilizers industry.

KGHM is a globally operating mining company, with more than half a century of experience in the industry. It is the world’s leading copper and silver producer, with the offered range of products also including molybdenum, gold, nickel, rhenium, lead and platinum group metals. KGHM has a broad portfolio of producing, development and exploration projects, as well as technologically advanced smelters, spanning the globe in jurisdictions which are politically and economically stable. The company’s main producing assets in Poland are based on a world-class and long-lived orebody, while its premier low-cost operation in Chile at Sierra Gorda has a mine life of over 20 years and the potential for further increases in resources and mine life. Both open-pit and underground operations located on three continents (Poland, Canada, the USA and Chile), alongside with the experienced management, guarantee an increase in shareholder value in the coming decades.

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