Indra Streamlines Traffic Management for Transurban’s Queensland Road Assets with In-Mova Traffic Platform

Indra Streamlines Traffic Management for Transurban’s Queensland Road Assets with In-Mova Traffic Platform

(IN BRIEF) Indra, a technology solutions provider, has successfully integrated the management of Transurban’s road assets in Queensland, Australia, into a single control center using its In-Mova Traffic platform. This includes two highways and four major tunnels in Brisbane, covering a total of 87 kilometers. The new control center replaces multiple systems, enhancing efficiency, safety, and service quality. In-Mova Traffic integrates intelligent transport systems, safety systems, and other road sub-systems, providing real-time information to Transurban Queensland for traffic operations and decision-making. The platform employs advanced technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems to communicate with connected vehicles and predict future traffic management needs. To ensure system reliability, a secondary control center with backup data centers has been established, and In-Mova Traffic is highly flexible for future enhancements. Indra has a strong track record in transportation projects, having completed over 2,500 projects in more than 100 cities and 50 countries.

(PRESS RELEASE) MADRID, 3-Oct-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Indra has integrated the management of all Transurban’s road assets in the Australian state of Queensland, comprising two highways totaling 87 kilometers and the 16 kilometers of the four major tunnels in the city of Brisbane, into a single control center equipped with In-Mova Traffic, its innovative traffic and infrastructure management platform.  In addition to supplying and implementing the new solution, the company will be tasked with its maintenance.

The new control center and integrated operation and control platform have replaced the different centers and multiple systems with which these infrastructures have been managed until now, thus improving efficiency and safety and the quality of service of the roads.

Indra’s In-Mova Traffic platform integrates the various intelligent transport systems (ITS), safety systems and other road sub-systems and provides real-time information to Transurban Queensland to facilitate decision-making and the effective and efficient management of traffic operations in both day-to-day and emergency situations.

With a high degree of automation, it incorporates the latest digital technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence and Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS), to facilitate communication with connected vehicles.

In-Mova Traffic can collect and analyze current and historical traffic data, generate reports and, thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms, perform predictive modeling to ensure highly efficient traffic management in the future. In addition, by incorporating smart technology for the management of incidents, the system guides the operator when responding to each case, making the day-to-day operation simple and efficient.

To ensure the reliability, safety and flexibility of the system, Indra has also equipped a secondary control center so that all the monitoring systems will be duplicated in two back-up data centers. Moreover, since it is an open, highly flexible and configurable system, it is ready to incorporate any new system that Transurban Queensland may require in the future.

“We’re proud of our success in modernizing the traffic operation and control system in Brisbane. This is probably the largest tunnel migration project undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere to date in terms of its size and the complexity and volume of the assets involved. It is important to highlight that the entire process to allow transition to the new platform has been carried out without affecting the operation and performance of the assets, demonstrating our ability to manage and execute extremely complex projects,” highlighted Manuel López Villena, Director of Traffic and Infrastructures for Indra’s Mobility business.

The 15,000-plus devices installed, processing more than 400,000 signals, the 6,000-plus test cases run during the migration phase in Transurban’s production operation systems and the 450,000-plus journeys handled each day on these roads provide an idea of the scope of the project.

The 15-plus specific integrations developed to equip the In-Mova Traffic platform include C2C solutions with governmental bodies, notifications integrated into social media to alert users and integrated fleet management of maintenance and incident response vehicles.

Indra has unique experience in Transportation, with more than 2,500 projects developed in more than 100 cities and over 50 countries.

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