Iberdrola unveils Sustainable Mobility Plan to contribute towards rational use of means of transport

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2011-06-08. Flota vehículos eléctricos Iberdrola Madrid I+D

Implementation will mean a total investment of €1.3 million

  • This comprehensive scheme involves staff members, company, customers and suppliers with a view to promoting the rational use of means of transport
  • One of the most important initiatives are the non-refundable grants of up to €6,000 for members of the company’s staff that acquire an electric vehicle

MADRID, 18-Aug-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — Iberdrola has set up a Sustainable Mobility Plan with a view to contributing towards rational use of means of transport.

This initiative is part of the commitment undertaken by the company in its Sustainability Policy, which was approved by its Board of Directors in 2013 and which requires the adoption of policies to promote a sustainable approach in pursuing the group’s corporate purpose.

Iberdrola’s Sustainable Mobility Plan is comprehensive in scope and it involves staff members, the company itself, customers and suppliers. The total investment amounts to €1.3 million. The scheme is structured around 23 specific initiatives geared towards boosting the company’s commitment to sustainability.

One of the highlights of the initiatives set up by Iberdrola is the Electric Vehicle for Employees scheme, which will run until the end of 2016. It has already been rolled out in Spain and the United Kingdom and there are plans to extend it to the other countries where the company has operations.

This initiative by Iberdrola aims to promote the use of electric vehicles by its workforce. It consists of three types of grants: special advance payments of up to €4,000 to purchase vehicles with zero local emissions, non-refundable grants of up to €500 to install charging points and of up to €6,000 for employees that agree to including IBERDROLA brand advertising on their vehicles for three years.

These grants are compatible with the Movea Plan by the Spanish government, so Iberdrola staff members are able to purchase electric vehicles at a really competitive price.

There are a further 22 initiatives, including the electric car-sharing service backed by Iberdrola. This scheme means that almost 350 of the company’s employees in Spain have access to environmentally-friendly vehicles for commercial transactions in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Barcelona.

Sustainable mobility for customers and suppliers

As well as its employees, the group also wants to involve its customers and suppliers in this Sustainable Mobility Plan.

In the case of the former, the company offers the Green Mobility Plan, which provides its customers with a comprehensive zero-emissions mobility solution consisting of an electric vehicle with an environmentally-friendly charging point and a 100% renewable certified energy supply.

Iberdrola also offers its customers an e-bill service, which not only avoids expenditure on paper and ink, but also the emissions that would have been generated in the transport needed to deliver the bills.

As part of its commitment to creating value in the regions where it has operations by hiring local providers, Iberdrola also plans on boosting electric mobility among its suppliers.

The company will also be including the existence of a sustainable urban mobility plan as an additional parameter in its supplier databases.


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