HRAIME Talent, a company that brings together Science, Tech, the Recruiting Art and Business Responsibility

HRAIME Talent, a company that brings together Science, Tech, the Recruiting Art and Business Responsibility

(PRESS RELEASE) PRAGUE, 10-Aug-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Today, the HRAIME Talent ventures launch in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to transform the entire Internet into an employers’ recruitment platform. Leveraging advanced HR Tech and Ad Tech solutions that help find, attract and engage the relevant talent for employers constructed in precise, faster, easier, efficient, and cost-effective ways. In addition, many employers will also appreciate the full integration of the business sustainability and environmental responsibility agenda through the HRAIME Tree League as the unique sweet spot of their sustainability efforts.

The HRAIME team believes that the right time has come for the recruiting and staffing industry’s acceptance of the technological upgrade in active sourcing, talent attraction, and candidate engagement. Using new tools to leverage advanced HR Tech, Ad Tech, Machine Learning, and RRPA (Robotic Recruitment Process Automations) will be game-changing. As a result, HR professionals will benefit from many wins in finding, attracting, engaging, and hiring the right talent for their jobs while gaining a competitive advantage, improving key conversions, and reaching satisfactory ROI.

“Despite the tragic moments for humanity in 2020-2021, the job market is shaking traditional things up, and companies continue to compete for the best talents available-locally and globally. As a result, the ways of building the key company asset – a loyal, talented, well-performing workforce or even company “keepers” to fuel and accelerate the company’s growth – have changed massively.” said Ladislav Hadacek, HRAIME Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer.

“Supported by our experts, the latest technologies, processes, and unique know-how, we are set to find, reach, attract and engage 98.7% of the potential workforce consisting of hard-to-reach, passive, poised and active candidates, relevant for our clients’ jobs.”

Connecting The Right Talent
To find, attract and engage relevant candidates locally, regionally, or globally – employers and recruitment organizations will be able to advertise their jobs on thousands of publishers. Including pay for performance job sites, duration and slot-based job boards, CPA media, various existing social marketplaces, and many specialized job sites. As a result, the volume of relevant applicants will get boosted. Now, finding and attracting hard-to-reach, passive, poised, and active candidates will become much more accessible and efficient.

The ’Bells and Whistles’
To effectively support and accelerate HRAIME business ambitions in the EMEA region and showcase to clients the volume of top relevant candidates boost – the specialized job sites are launched now:

  • Cyber Security and Robotic Process Automation – where the right talent in the right place will foster innovation and lead to a more resilient society and organizations globally.
  • Continually expanding Shared Service Centers, along with Business Process Outsourcing organizations based in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, will be aiming to successfully drive forward with their talented human capital, optimized HR processes and modern technology.
  • In the eCommerce sector based in Central and Eastern Europe. The eCommerce has seen the fastest growth rates in history during the last 18 months. HRAIME is dedicated to creating quicker, easier, and more efficient ways to find top talent. This supports the further acceleration of the advances in this customer-centric business sector.

The business of business
It should become more widely understood the business of business is to improve the state of the world. The established HRAIME Tree League platform serves the interests of all stakeholders – job seekers, candidates, employees, employers, organizations, partners, communities, and the environment. For example, every Tree League job posting ordered and placed by the HRAIME client will deliver three trees planting at the agreed-upon location. Recognized scientists and local exports will verify this.

Another HRAIME initiative of corporate social responsibility and sustainability is our Earth Force 1 Program. We are spreading throughout Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. Earth Force 1 is a group of elite volunteers from the community of job seekers and employees and our clientele dedicated to promoting Tree League programs locally. All while inspiring others to join a meaningful common goal while sharing a passion for sustainability.

About HRAIME Talent
Headquartered in Prague, the Czech Republic, HRAIME brings together Science, Tech, Recruiting Art, and Business Responsibility. Designed to help employers and recruitment organizations find, attract and engage relevant talent. Faster, more accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and more precise. The HRAIME Talent ventures thrive to become the most trusted, efficient, and cost-effective HR Tech and Ad Tech solution for connecting relevant human capital with ambitious employers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa.

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