GlobalCharge Uses MACH for Direct Operator Billing in Germany

German mobile subscribers benefit from in-app payment capabilities across all major networks.

Luxembourg, 21-12-2012 — / — MACH, the world leader in direct operator billing, today announced that micro payments specialist GlobalCharge is now live with its direct operator billing service in Germany. MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway is connected to the four main German mobile operators, enabling in-app payments for more than 80 million subscribers across the country. This latest move has allowed GlobalCharge to rollout frictionless payment capabilities across its client’s mobile apps, broadening customer reach and creating new revenue streams by allowing charges to be made directly to an end-user’s mobile phone bill.

According to MACH research carried out earlier this year, 37% of smartphone users in Germany use direct operator billing as their preferred payment method. Using MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway, GlobalCharge is now supporting end-users in Germany with this fast and convenient one-click payment method, charged directly to their mobile phone bill, when purchasing apps or in-app goods. By offering a direct and sophisticated billing method, MACH provides a new revenue stream for app stores and content providers, while also supporting dynamic app pricing and innovative business models.

Simon Coates, Commercial Director, GlobalCharge, said: “With MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway we are now delivering direct operator billing capability to our clients without them having to set up individual agreements with each German operator in the market. MACH’s ability to enable real-time monitoring of transactions and flexible price points means that we can provide our merchant and developer customers with true e-commerce functionality across their app propositions. Additionally, of course, merchants and developers are also benefiting from the ability to rapidly expand their customer bases by monetizing pre-and post-paid mobile users who don’t own a credit card.”

Michael De Jongh, Global Head of Sales, Mobile Billing & Payments, MACH, concluded: “Through this agreement, MACH is providing the glue that unites apps and content developers with operators, simplifying the apps landscape in Germany. The ease of use that direct operator billing brings, especially when compared to other payment methods like credit cards, has been shown to impact how often consumers buy goods from app stores. As a result, direct operator billing both stimulates merchants’ revenue streams and elevates the role of the operator, placing it directly in the e-commerce value chain. As purchasing becomes easier, consumer spending increases leaving direct operator billing with the potential to boost the entire mobile content ecosystem.”

MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway provides an operator billing service for mobile applications, content and mobile internet services, allowing end customers to buy apps regardless of whether they have a credit card or a pre- or post-paid contract. The enhanced ‘One-Click’ purchase process also creates a signficantly improved user-experience, while the ability to pay without recourse to a credit card offers subscribers a much more secure purchasing channel, resulting in customer peace of mind.


About GlobalCharge

GlobalCharge is a leading micro-payment specialist enabling users all over the world to purchase goods and services through their mobile phone account. The GlobalCharge platform provides a comprehensive monetization solution for merchants and developers looking to charge for apps and digital online goods. Based in London, GlobalCharge is active in 72 countries and can reach over 2 billion users through a network of over 200 carriers. GlobalCharge’s products and services offer security, convenience and ease of use to users and clients alike. For more information please visit

About MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway

MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway provides a direct operator billing service for global application stores and developers to generate revenues from in-application billing with a 1-click buy user experience. Unlike traditional operator billing methods, such as PSMS or WAP billing, the Direct Billing Gateway offers a comprehensive real-time, one-click, cross-platform direct billing service for application providers, App Stores and websites. The Direct Billing Gateway is supported by a global network of direct billing integrations to mobile operators. It delivers real-time authentication and authorisation within the application, minimising the risk of revenue leakage or abandoned transactions.

About MACH

MACH is the leading provider of cloud-based, managed communications services for monetizing mobile data, simplifying interoperability between networks, optimizing wholesale processes and protecting revenues. It is fast becoming the provider of choice for real-time, value added services that are essential for communications service providers around the globe to enhance customer experience, optimize wholesale processes and monetize their businesses in 3G and 4G mobile ecosystems. With its long heritage in data and financial clearing, settlement and hub based connectivity models, it provides its 650 operator customers with state-of-the-art tools needed to align business processes. Headquartered in Luxembourg, MACH has offices in 12 countries. Its customers include Orange, Telefonica, T-Mobile, Telus, Verizon Wireless and Microsoft, as well as enterprise messaging customers like KLM. For more information, visit, follow MACHconnects on Twitter or read The MACH Blog.

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