Futuristic urban streetwear featuring smart textiles made with BASF’s Freeflex and Haptex advanced materials at New York Fashion Week

Fashion label Seven Crash with its innovative ‘Quantus’ collection of unlimited possibilities with its futuristic urban streetwear outfits at the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week 2019. The collection is designed in collaboration with chemical company BASF and downstream fabric maker – San Fang.

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK, 11-Feb-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — Fashion label Seven Crash to redefine itself as an innovative brand pushing the boundaries on futuristic workwear and fashion streetwear at New York Fashion Week by experimenting with different fashion styles and cultures through the use of advanced materials. Their new collection called  ‘Quantus’,  stepping on the brand concept “crash the rules”, will make its debut at this year’s fashion week in New York showcasing woven materials with technological and textural elements significantly enhancing not only the use of the fabric itself, but the wearer as well.

East coast urban street fashion is uniquely blended with trendy runway fashion to demonstrate the use of the latest material, which traditional fabrics cannot even come close to.

The Quantus collection is designed in collaboration with chemical conglomerate BASF and downstream fabric maker San Fang.

BASF’s advanced material solutions featured in the ‘Quantus’ collection by Seven Crash are Freeflex™ and Haptex® both offering a significant breakthrough in the fashion industry with their eco-conscious manufacturing techniques.

Freeflex™ fibre spun from Elastollan® TPU is soft and moisture-wicking material, which makes it easy to care for, and delivers ample stretch and recovery for an impeccable fit. The futuristic look and feel to Seven Crash’s collection Freeflex is achieved thanks to the advanced features of the dynamic fabric that can glow in the dark and change the colors and appearance even for the most complex textile designs.

Fabric maker San Fang supported the development of Freeflex through out the entire manufacturing process, from material to moldings, as well as the final product indifferent colors and intricate patterns.  The product has low heat setting temperature that enable fabrics to dry quickly and saves energy in its production and daily use.

Haptex® is a sustainable and innovative polyurethane solution for synthetic leather that offers good haptics, strong stitching, and high peel strength.  Since no organic solvents are used in the manufacturing process of Haptex® it also complies with stringent volatile organic compounds (VOC) standards.

Manfred Pawlowski, Vice President, Consumer Industry, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF:

“We are proud to support Seven Crash’s debut at New York Fashion Week with our latest fashion-inspired material solutions. With the use of Freeflex and Haptex in an assortment of futuristic urban streetwear apparel, BASF continues to stretch the boundaries of innovative materials for fashion.”

Mr. Lin Chih-Yi, President, San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.:

“San Fang has also been developing market-driven innovations that have redefined materials in consumer industries such as fashion and footwear. The collaboration with BASF and Seven Crash for Freeflex using new sustainable manufacturing techniques demonstrates our commitment to match eco-fashion trends with functional fibers and artificial leather which are made possible with TPU.”

Enchi Shen, Creative Director for the ‘Quantus’ collection:

“The ‘Quantus’ collection of unlimited possibilities provides the platform for individuals to express their inner self through stylized motifs and clever use of color and textures. The outfits channel the true spirit of freedom and being which can only be made possible with Freeflex and Haptex by BASF. They represent a step-change for the future of apparel production and fashion industry.”

BASF and Seven Crash have collaborated in the past for another fashion show held during CHINAPLAS 2018. Yet another collaboration is with Chinese brand Three Gun for the design of casual outfit using Freeflex.

To find out more about BASF’s material solutions showcased at New York Fashion Week, please visit http://basf-nyfw.com



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