Fundación IBERDROLA awarded energy & environment scholarships and grants to students and young researchers

  • The goal is to contribute towards the training young high calibre professionals who are capable of leading the process of transforming the energy model
  • The award ceremony was attended by the Chairman of IBERDROLA, Ignacio Galán, the Chairman of the foundation, Manuel Marín, and scientific commentator Eduardo Punset
  • The recipients will further their training at universities and centres of acknowledged prestige in Spain, the UK and the US

4-7-2013 — / — At an event held at the Casa de América cultural centre in Madrid, the Fundación IBERDROLA awarded various scholarships and grants to students and young researchers selected from among the candidates of the various calls for applications announced during the year.

To be more specific, the foundation awarded 50 scholarships for the academic year 2013-14 under the auspices of its Energy and Environment programme of scholarships for Master’s degree studies in Spain, the UK and the US. It also allocated grants to 20 young researchers that will be able to carry out their projects at Spanish universities or centres. It also awarded three grants that will enable the recipients to join the restoration staff at the Prado Museum.

The award ceremony was attended by the Chairman of IBERDROLA, Ignacio Galán, the Chairman of the Fundación IBERDROLA, Manuel Marín, and lawyer, economist and scientific commentator Eduardo Punset Also in attendance were the Ambassador of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Spain, Giles Paxman, and the Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the Mexican Embassy in Spain,  Gerardo Ezquerra.

In his speech, Mr. Galán highlighted the positive impact that these scholarships and grants have on young people. He explained that the company wishes to give them confidence in their skills and abilities, a sense of hope for the future, a spirit of entrepreneurship and love for work, effort and constant perseverance.

He went on to say that the goal is to reward talent, innovative ideas and the will to try new things in the fields of energy, environment, sustainability and restoration. The Chairman of IBERDROLA also explained that another goal of the programmes was to foster international mobility in order that young people may benefit from the huge possibilities offered by today’s global world.

Mr. Galán emphasised to those in attendance that in the space of just four years, the number of scholarships and grants has almost doubled, with the amount allocated being trebled in the same period. He also said that the programme was attracting increasing interest from students and universities alike.  The Chairman stressed that building links between private enterprise and universities is absolutely crucial in our society in order to boost the knowledge-based economy.

Finally, Ignacio Galán assured listeners that IBERDROLA has always been committed to education and training – not just that of its employees, but also of the new generations.  In this regard, he praised the decision reached at the European Summit last week, to take urgent measures to create new jobs for young people.

Excellence in training and research

The goal pursued in awarding these scholarships and grants is contribute towards excellence in training and research in the field of energy, with a particular focus on the development of renewable energies and enhancing biodiversity, as well as the efficiency of the energy system.

This initiative is being carried out as part of the Fundación IBERDROLA’s Steering Plan for 2010-2014, which includes among its goals the promotion of knowledge and research in order to progress towards a sustainable energy model. To this end, one of its main areas of action is to contribute towards training a new generation of young professionals equipped with the high calibre skills needed to lead the way in meeting the challenges of the future.

Some 800 candidates applied for the various categories of scholarships and grants this year. The winners were selected on the basis of criteria of academic excellence and the quality and feasibility of the programme or project to be undertaken.

The first category, i.e. the programme of scholarships for Master’s degree studies in Energy and Environment in Spain, the UK and the US – which will benefit some 50 students from Spain, Mexico, Great Britain and the U.S. – is geared towards enabling recipients to complete their Master’s degree studies in areas linked to energy and the environment. The institution will cover the full cost of the academic registration fee and pay each recipient the sum of €1,200, £1,200 or US$2,100  per month, depending on the location.

For the first time, this year the plan was extended to include Mexican students completing studies in Spain, and Spanish and British students planning to complete a Master’s degree in the United States. It therefore promotes the exchange of knowledge on an international scale.

The second category, i.e. the Research Grants Programme, will enable 20 young people to carry out their research projects in the aforementioned areas. They will receive a maximum grant of €20,000 per year.

The third category will enable three young people to join the Conservation and Restoration Programme at the Prado Museum, of which the Fundación IBERDROLA is a supporting member.  Each grant is worth €1,500 per month.

Strengthening ties between private enterprise and the university sector

The programme of scholarships for Master’s degree studies and research grants offered by the Fundación IBERDROLA also contributes towards strengthening ties between private enterprise and the university sector/ research community. Since it was first launched, in 2010, over 200 young people have completed Master’s and Ph.D degree studies at prestigious international universities with the backing of the foundation. In the last year, a further 700 have been received training from the IBERDROLA Group as interns or apprentices.

The Fundación IBERDROLA, with Ignacio Galán as its Founding Trustee and Manuel Marín in the role of Chairman, carries out initiatives that help to enhance the quality of life of the population in the territories where the Group operates.

The foundation focuses on four major spheres of action:  sustainability and biodiversity; art and culture; cooperation and solidarity; and training and research. The highlights of this latter area are the Master’s degree scholarship and research grant programmes..

As regards support for biodiversity, the flagship project is the Bird Migration Programme ( In the area of art and culture, the foundation runs various projects for the conservation of our historical and artistic heritage, such as the Atlantic Romanesque Plan ( and the Lighting Programme for unique buildings. Finally, in the field of support for solidarity, it runs the Social Grants Programme.

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Fundación IBERDROLA awarded energy & environment scholarships and grants to students and young researchers

Fundación IBERDROLA awarded energy & environment scholarships and grants to students and young researchers


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