From SDK to interface: AppMetrica introduces fully redesigned crash reports

No one likes it when an app crashes. And that’s putting it mildly. Crashes fray the nerves of users and developers alike. Errors in code degrade the user experience and, as a result, affect conversions. Crash analytics are essential for every product team, and the new crash reports from AppMetrica, an all-in-one analytics and marketing platform for app creators and developers worldwide, will help you keep a finger on your app’s pulse and speed up troubleshooting. 

(PRESS RELEASE) MOSCOW, 15-Oct-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — After the large-scale changes, crashes are now decoded automatically, and the interface allows developers and QA engineers to access much more useful information in just a couple of clicks.

How crash reports work

The AppMetrica crash reports show the number of crashes, sort them by type and frequency, and provide detailed statistics for each crash. The completely redesigned interface boasts a bunch of extra features. New mechanisms have been added for delivering crash data from devices and automatically loading information that’s important for identifying and fixing errors.

Crash data collection process is divided into three stages, each of which has a component in AppMetrica:

  1. An app crashes, AppMetrica SDK gets a log from the operating system.

If an app suddenly closes, the OS generates a crash log file with a stack trace, sends it to AppMetrica SDK which then sends it to the server.

  1. The crash log is saved and processed on the server.

AppMetrica’s backend receives crash data from the SDK and automatically decodes the stack trace. The crash log is then saved in a readable form in the database. All crashes are grouped by type and location, with data matched to the rest of the information collected by AppMetrica. Metrics are calculated for the number of affected devices and sessions, % of the active audience affected, and other important aspects.

  1. The developer receives reports in the interface.

To make the data easier to interpret, AppMetrica groups crashes, categorizes the information, and builds useful data slices and cross-sections.

How the new reports help dealing with crashes

The updated interface allows users to monitor app stability on a daily basis. Problems can be investigated on three levels:

Top level on the app health dashboard

Dashboards with crash-free statistics, percentage of affected users, and other metrics help prioritize crashes in the queue, with familiar stats, like total number of crashes and number of affected devices, still present as well.​

The table under the chart also includes the information such as first occurrence version, showing which app version first experience the crash, and last occurrence version, which can be used to see if the problem has been fixed.

Users can still filter and group crashes by app version, OS, and other segments, similar to the Audience report. Fixed crashes can be closed, just like in a task tracker. If a closed crash reoccurs in a new version, it will be reopened automatically.

Granular statistics for each crash

From the report, users can study every problem in detail. The crash profile is a dashboard that highlights the most important data and allows to make use of new metrics, like Background that shows if an app crashed while running in background, and Rooted, which shows if crashes appeared on a device that’s been modified with jailbreak or other methods.

Internal view of a crash

The stack trace can be viewed from the crash profile. This is most useful for developers trying to fix the crash.​

If the log doesn’t provide enough information, user profiles might be helpful. They show what actions users performed before the app crashed. This information is invaluable to QA engineers if the error cannot be reproduced.

All crash reports are already available for full use. In upcoming releases, the error report will be updated and a couple more features will appear.


About AppMetrica

AppMetrica is an all-in-one free and unlimited install attribution, app analytics and marketing platform. It supports 3,300 app developers worldwide – from major banks and telecom operators to game creators, and covers 370+ million devices, processing 80 bln events daily. As of September 2019, it is ranked among Top-5 Attribution SDKs Global List by Appfigures (#4 on AppStore, #2 on Google Play).

AppMetrica is developed by Yandex – one of the largest internet companies in Europe based in Amsterdam and headquartered in Moscow, with 56.9% share on the Russian & CIS web search market in Q2 2019.

For more information about AppMetrica visit and

For media requests please contact Andrey Zhirinovskiy at or +7 495 775 0077.

SOURCE: Yandex


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