FrieslandCampina to reduce Friso products range prices in China

19-7-2013 — / — FrieslandCampina Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announces today it is fully cooperating with the Price Supervision and Anti-Monopoly Bureau under China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) as part of an anti-trust investigation.

FrieslandCampina supports the NDRC’s objective to ensure fair pricing; the company will reinforce compliance with pricing and anti-trust regulations. FrieslandCampina commits to adjusting contractual terms to explicitly emphasize adherence to China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. FrieslandCampina will also enhance its Code of Conduct and provide comprehensive anti-trust training based on Chinese laws.

To support Chinese consumers and offer more value, FrieslandCampina will per July 8th, 2013 reduce its price of the full range of Friso products in China by 5%. FrieslandCampina’s value promise includes the unique grass-to-glass system, in which the company invests in managing the entire supply chain from processing, marketing and distribution to provide consumers with safe and premium products. Friso for China is 100% produced and packaged in the Netherlands and distributed exclusively by FrieslandCampina.

FrieslandCampina remains highly committed to the China market. The company continues to fully cooperate with local authorities in every market in which we have a presence, and plays an important role in providing dairy products for hundreds of millions of people all over the world every day.

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