French leader in the nuclear industry Onet Technologies will showcase its innovations at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE)

Onet Technologies, a French leader in the nuclear industry, will showcase its innovations and involvement in pioneering projects at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), demonstrating its role as a standard bearer in the French market, along with its scope to support international development.

MARSEILLE, 01-Jul-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — Onet Technologies is a French leader in the nuclear industry, with turnover of (€251 million). The company specialises in engineering and maintenance solutions for nuclear reactors, with a focus on the primary circuit, along with dismantling operations and treatment of radioactive waste. The company currently employs 2,760 people, including 400 engineers and experts.

A subsidiary of the Onet Group, the nuclear industry specialist sets itself apart from market rivals through its comprehensive range of solutions spanning the entire cycle, including initial studies for experimental reactors, maintenance, operation, on-site assistance, dismantling and waste management.

Onet Technologies continues to pursue its international development strategy

Onet Technologies has a solid presence in France, the world’s second-largest nuclear energy producer, where it also works on complex projects such as ITER, experimental reactors and Generation IV reactors. However, the company also provides services in a number of other European countries, and recently established a presence in the United States.

The Onet Group successfully completed its maiden move to expand into the North American market with the acquisition of EPM in 2015. EPM is a key player in the US in the field of fire protection for nuclear facilities. The company helps nuclear operators implement initiatives to improve safety, extend lifecycles and build new plants.

This range of expertise will now be applied to new markets, mainly in Europe and in Asia, through strong technical and commercial synergy with Onet Technologies.

Innovations central to this strategy showcased at the WNE

Innovation and R&D represent a cornerstone of the Onet Technologies strategy. Samples of laser-cutting technology and the remote-controlled Snake inspection tool will be on display during the WNE at the exhibition booth in HALL 2B, E44/F43.

Laser-cutting technology – Onet Technologies has partnered the French alternative energies and atomic energy commission (CEA) in a study financed by the Japanese government to demonstrate laser-cutting technology as a reliable solution for the removal of fuel debris from the damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The process, developed by CEA, recently won the Grand Prix innovation award presented by the French nuclear energy society (SFEN) for the use of remote-controlled laser-cutting technology to dismantle dissolvers at the UP1 waste fuel treatment plant at CEA’s Marcoule facility. Samples cut during preliminary inactive tests will be on show at the Onet Technologies booth.

Snake – The Snake is a remote-controlled camera used to inspect the secondary systems between fuel assemblies for steam generators in pressurised water reactors (PWR). The tool comprises a remote-controlled unit used to deploy a camera to inspect the steam generator. The Snake is designed to ensure that the system is free of any foreign bodies, ensuring steam generators are cleaned as effectively as possible.

Overview of Onet Technologies innovations

The Constrictor probe: an automated NDT process
Onet Technologies has developed an automated non-destructive testing process for low-temperature reheater tubes in cogeneration plants. This process creates a magnetic resonance image of the tube to highlight any faults after subjecting the system to eddy currents.

The Reactor In-core Instrumentation (RIC) project is designed to rehabilitate guide tubes
The project aims to rehabilitate RIC guide tubes in nuclear plants, which are used to insert probes to manage and test reactor power. Onet Technologies has developed a process in which a number of remote-controlled tools are used to detect and eliminate corrosion on these tubes in several stages, ensuring minimal exposure while work is carried out.

Adaptation of the Building Information Modelling
(BIM) concept for digital building modelling BIM is a technical database linked to a 3D digital building model. Onet Technologies has applied the concept to nuclear facilities already in operation or being built to make full use of all information pooled in its speciality fields.

EASu exchangers – pressurised nuclear facilities
Onet Technologies has designed a cutting-edge system to cool 900 MWe nuclear plants in France in case of serious incident. The system was adopted in March this year by EDF DIPDE, the French power utility’s division for nuclear engineering, operations, deconstruction and environment.

Involvement in the Astrid reactor control project developed by CEA
The fuel rod guide system is a reactor-control mechanism developed for the Astrid Generation IV sodium-cooled fast reactor. The solution uses magneto-mechanical components and provides a vital contribution to reactor operations and safety

About the ONET engineering and services group

Onet combines a range of different business lines:

  • Cleaning & Services, Logistics and Airport Services (€909 million in 2015)
  • Nuclear Services and Engineering (€251 million in 2015)
  • Security and Reception (€200 million in 2015)
  • Temporary employment, recruitment and training (€103 million in 2015)

Total sales in 2015: €1.6 billion. 65,000 employees at 31 December 2015, with more than 470 offices in France and six countries around the world.

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