Fortum to Enhance Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant’s Efficiency with Turbine Modernisation

Fortum to Enhance Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant’s Efficiency with Turbine Modernisation

(IN BRIEF) Fortum announces plans to modernise the low-pressure turbines at its Loviisa nuclear power plant, beginning in 2026 as part of lifetime extension investments aimed at ensuring reliable electricity production until 2050. With the Finnish Government granting a new operating license until 2050, the power plant is set to provide stable, carbon-free electricity, expected to generate up to 177 terawatt-hours. The turbine modernisation, contracted to Doosan Škoda Power, is estimated to increase plant capacity by 38 megawatts, enhancing efficiency without impacting nuclear safety. Senior Vice President Sasu Valkamo emphasizes the economic and employment benefits of the investment, highlighting Fortum’s commitment to stable, reliable, and safe operations.

(PRESS RELEASE) ESPOO, 30-May-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant’s low-pressure turbines will be modernised. The modernisations, starting in 2026, are part of the lifetime extension-related investments consisting of continuous improvements to ensure reliable electricity production until the end of the plant’s lifetime. The modernisation of the turbines will also increase the total capacity of the plant by approximately 38 megawatts, increasing the output of the power plant during its lifetime by approximately 7 terawatt-hours.

In February 2023, the Finnish Government granted a new operating license for the power plant until 2050. As a result, the Finnish society will receive stable, carbon-free and secure supply of electricity from Loviisa well into the future. Over the course of the new licence period, the power plant is expected to generate up to 177 terawatt-hours (earlier: 170) of emission-free electricity.

”Extending the lifetime of the power plant is a major investment with a positive impact – both economically and in terms of employment. Modernising the low-pressure turbines is our first significant investment in preparation for the lifetime extension. Our aim is for the power plant to operate during the new operating licence period just as stably, reliably and safely as it has so far,” says Sasu Valkamo, Senior Vice President of Loviisa power plant.

It is estimated that the investments related to the lifetime extension will amount to approximately one billion euros by 2050. Over the past five years, Fortum has invested approximately 200 million euros in refurbishing the Loviisa power plant.

Doosan Škoda Power selected as the supplier

Fortum has signed an agreement for the turbine modernisation with Doosan Škoda Power. The modernisation will be carried out in conjunction with the normal annual outages.

”Doosan Škoda Power is a seasoned turbine supplier, and we have good experiences working with them. In our previous modernisation project, Doosan Škoda Power also supplied us with high-pressure turbines,” Valkamo notes.

”Fortum is our long-term customer and we are very proud to be part of this new important modernisation project at the Loviisa nuclear power plant. Nuclear power is a strategic segment for us, and this contract is further confirmation that we are on the right track,” says Radek Trněný, Head of Sales Nuclear at Doosan Škoda Power.

In the turbine project, eight low-pressure turbine housings and their internal parts will be renewed. The project will significantly improve the efficiency of the turbine plant’s electricity production without increasing the thermal output of the reactor. The modernisation is targeting only the turbines, so it won’t impact the reactor plant or nuclear safety.

The total electricity production capacity of the units at the Loviisa power plant is currently 1,014 megawatts.


Fortum is a Nordic energy company. Our purpose is to power a world where people, businesses and nature thrive together. We are one of the cleanest energy producers in Europe and our actions are guided by our ambitious environmental targets. We generate and deliver clean energy reliably and help industries to decarbonise their processes and grow. Our core operations in the Nordics comprise of efficient, CO2-free power generation as well as reliable supply of electricity and district heat to private and business customers. For our ~5 000 employees, we commit to be a safe, and inspiring workplace. Fortum’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Loviisa power plant

In 2023, the load factor at Fortum’s fully-owned Loviisa nuclear power plant was 91.06%. The continuous development and modernisation of the power plant enable load factors that are among the best for pressurised water reactors on an international scale. In 2023, the power plant produced a total of 8.09 terawatt hours (net) of electricity, which is more than 10% of Finland’s electricity production. Fortum employs about 700 nuclear sector professionals, 560 of them work at the Loviisa power plant. Additionally, nearly 100 permanent employees of other companies work in the power plant area every day. More information:

About Doosan Škoda Power

Doosan Škoda Power is part of a strong group of companies united under the Doosan Group, which supplies leading technologies and services of the highest quality and value to customers all over the world.

Doosan Škoda Power is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of power plant equipment, especially steam turbine/generator sets with outputs between 3 and 1,200 MW. The company has extensive experience and references in delivery and commissioning of applications for nuclear power plants, solar power plants (CSPs), CHPs, biomass plants, energy-from-waste plants, fossil-fuel-fired power plants and in industrial applications for oil and gas, pulp and paper, and many more. As regards services, the company offers retrofits and modernization (R&M) of installed OEM and non-OEM equipment, overhauls and long-term service including spare parts delivery. Annual research and development investments guarantee high quality products that meet specific customer requirements.

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