Fleet management: ZF Services’ Openmatics and Dr. Malek Software GmbH to cooperate

  • Telematics platform Openmatics from ZF Services enables integration of M3 Logisticware®
  • Cost savings with efficient use of resources
  • Openmatics is highly customizable

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany, 15-12-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Combined with the mobile order management solution M3, the open telematics platform Openmatics significantly cuts costs and allows greater transparency in fleet management. Open interfaces mean fleet operators can combine both systems without any additional hardware. Orders can be processed without paper and be accurately costed using the data provided by Openmatics. Fleet managers can now fully leverage the increased online functionalities of commercial vehicles.

For fleet operators and carriers an intelligent fleet management is becoming more and more a criterion for success. Thanks to digital disposition and IT solutions, operating costs can be reduced in the long term. About 70 percent of the total costs for a freight forwarder are equally divided between personnel and fuel. These resources can be optimized with Openmatics. Operators can streamline the data flow between scheduler, driver and vehicle with the open telematics platform from ZF Services. Software solutions from third-party suppliers and custom apps can be easily integrated.

Perfect connection: Openmatics and M3 Logisticware®

The combination of Openmatics and M3 Logisticware® from Dr. Malek Software GmbH offers fleet operators a turnkey solution for order processing and telematics. As a Transport Management Software (TMS), M3 is one of the leading solutions for order management for forwarding companies; it offers features such as a paperless transport order for all road freight transports, signing functions and a status report in real time. The M3 app is easy to install on tablets and Android smartphones, in fact there are no extra costs involved – as there are with interface coding which is common across the industry.

The data transmitted by Openmatics to the M3 portal provide more transparency for the dispatchers in their daily work. Precise information on the remaining driving time and rest periods allow for better planning. Specific vehicle and driver data expedite costing updates for labor and fuel – the two biggest cost factors by far.

There is also a marked improvement in administrative costs, as invoicing can be performed immediately after order processing. The M3 app can also be combined with all other shipping software solutions.

Custom add-ons

The hardware-onboard unit “Bach” forms the core of the web-based Openmatics platform. Bach records and displays data for the driver. This small unit with three processors is very easy to install. Firmware updates, apps and configurations are installed while the system is online in order to avoid downtimes. Vehicle localization and consignment monitoring are standard features of the basic package.

Custom add-ons are a notable advantage of this open platform. System functionality can be upgraded with additional apps. Third-party suppliers – as is common with smartphone applications – are permitted to develop their own apps and offer them on the Openmatics platform. Additional tools that are already available today increase efficiency and optimize vehicle utilization:

– FUEL OVERVIEW identifies fleet vehicles with high fuel consumption and determines cost-saving options.
– GENTLE DRIVER/PROFI DRIVER analyzes driving style in terms of cost efficiency and ranks drivers accordingly. The results are presented on the web portal for quick and simple analysis, and they are visible on the driver’s console, providing for more comfort and helping to keep costs down.
– DIGITACHO DOWNLOAD automatically downloads driver data, eliminating time-consuming manual downloads.
– DRIVING TIMES monitors the statutory driving and rest times and incorporates all legal requirements into the planning process. The app promotes better fleet utilization and stops any runs not in compliance with current legislation and which could result in penalty charges for the enterprise.

With Openmatics, ZF Services ensures the systems expertise of ZF Friedrichshafen AG is carried forward consistently into the aftermarket, and offers an open telematics platform that is independent of industries, vehicle manufacturers, and component makers. Openmatics is developed and upgraded continuously to reflect customer needs. In addition, the software development kit enables third-party suppliers and fleet operators to customize and code their own apps. Every fleet can thus create its own customized telematics package in a cost-efficient way. Also, security is ensured as every app is checked by ZF Services before it is released.

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ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company, which acquired TRW Automotive on May 15, 2015, is now represented at about 230 locations in some 40 countries. The two companies, which were still independent in 2014, achieved a sales figure exceeding €30 billion with 134 000 employees. As in previous years, both companies have invested approximately 5 percent of their sales in Research and Development (recently €1.6 billion) in order to be successful with innovative products. ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide.

ZF Services and TRW Aftermarket ensure that ZF systems expertise is carried forward consistently into the aftermarket. With integrated solutions and the entire ZF product portfolio, the business unit guarantees the performance and efficiency of vehicles throughout their life cycle. Driveline and chassis technology by ZF is offered in the aftermarket business using the wellestablished product brands Sachs, Lemförder, Boge, ZF Lenksysteme, and ZF Parts. With its global service network and portfolio tailored to customer requirements, ZF Services has also become a popular partner in the nonautomotive sector.

In 2015, the company is celebrating its centennial. Originally named Zahnradfabrik GmbH, ZF was founded in Friedrichshafen in 1915 by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH among others. In its early years, the company developed, tested, and manufactured aircraft transmissions. After 1919, the company focus shifted under Alfred Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen, the first Managing Director and later member of the Board of Management and CEO, to the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. In this sector, the company registered and established itself once and for all as a major technology supplier with numerous patents for innovative transmission technology. The first location outside Europe was founded in Brazil in 1958, launching a globalization drive that still continues today. In addition, ZF constantly expanded its range of expertise – also through acquisitions. For instance, in 1984 ZF acquired the majority share in Lemförder Metallwaren & Co. KG, a move which expanded the product portfolio to include chassis technology. In 2001, ZF took over the former Mannesmann Sachs AG to strengthen its value added chain with driveline and chassis components. It adopted the current name of ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 1992. Today’s product range includes driveline and chassis technology such as transmissions, driveline and chassis components, as well as complete axle systems and modules. ZF products are used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, and marine applications. The company also focuses on the wind power and electronic components business. In addition, ZF Services represents the Group on the international aftermarket. In 2014, ZF announced its intention to acquire US automotive supplier TRW. The shareholders of ZF Friedrichshafen AG are the Zeppelin Foundation, administered by the City of Friedrichshafen, holding a share of 93.8 percent, and the Dr. Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation, Lemförde, with 6.2 percent. The “Motion and Mobility” slogan clearly states the company’s core mission: Right from its foundation, ZF has developed and manufactured innovative products for all people around the globe who want to move things reliably, comfortably, and safely, and experience the ultimate in efficient mobility. Quality, technological leadership, and innovative power have always defined the Group’s identity – today as much as ever.

For further press information and photos please visit: www.zf.com

SOURCE: ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Fleet management: ZF Services' Openmatics and Dr. Malek Software GmbH to cooperate

Openmatics, the telematics platform of ZF Services, enables a focused and therefore particularly efficient use of resources for fleets. Photo: ZF Services

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