First sweet lemon to be launched in the UK

17-1-2013 — / — First sweet lemon to be launched in the UK

Is it a lemon or is it an orange?

That’s the first reaction people give on tasting a sweet lemon, the latest unusual fruit to go on supermarket shelves in the UK.

The Meyer lemon, as it is officially known, is a naturally occurring cross between a lemon and a mandarin and is aimed at the growing home-cooking and cocktail markets.

Tesco citrus fruit buyer Tim Battey said: “This fruit is a cook’s dream as it has all the zestiness of a lemon but with the sweetness of a tart orange instead of a harsh sting.

“It is also very juicy and is perfect when used as an addition to sauces, dressing and vinaigrettes as well as in desserts. They can be sliced with their peel intact and are often used as an edible garnish for salads, entrees and desserts.”

The fruit, which is native to China, was discovered growing by Frank Meyer, an employee of the US Department of Agriculture who was exploring the country at the turn of the last century.

He imported the fruit into America and it has gone on to become very popular as a culinary accessory, used in baking cakes and also add a unique flavour twist to cocktails.

Over the last decade Tesco has become well known for introducing unusual fruit and vegetables to its UK supermarkets.

Among some of the more unusual produce items have been square melons, golden ‘champagne’ raspberries, donut shaped peaches,  red fleshed apples, sweet broccoli, giant blueberries, red fleshed kiwis and a lemon flavoured melon.

Sweet Lemons will be sold in packs of a minimum of four fruit, priced at £1.85. They will be on sale in nearly 400 Tesco stores across the UK.


For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on 01992 644645

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(l-r) lemon, sweet lemon, mandarin

(l-r) lemon, sweet lemon, mandarin



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