Extra-high voltage line in the Rhône Valley now taking shape and work is underway

Swissgrid expects the new 380kV line from Chamoson to Chippis to be commissioned in summer 2022 (picture: Swissgrid)

(PRESS RELEASE) MUNICH, 24-Mar-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — The preparations for the construction of the new 380kV line in the Rhône Valley started by TSCNET shareholder Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission system operator (TSO) in early 2018. The new power line, which is between the two substations Chamoson and Chippis, will replace the old 220kV line. The new line plays an important role in securing Switzerland’s supply, particularly for the transmission of electricity generated in the Valais hydroelectric power plants to the consumption centres in the central Swiss Plateau.

The extra-high voltage line is now taking shape and work is underway along its entire length after about 18 months of actual construction. The access to some plots of land has not yet been clarified at some pylon sites aside the numerous safety measures have to be considered during construction. These locations are distributed along the entire route of the line. Swissgrid has now reviewed the construction plans and postponed commissioning of the new line until summer 2022, as a decision by the responsible federal authorities is still pending in some cases. Swissgrid is confident about the further construction of the line, as the Federal Evaluation Commission (“Eidgenössische Schätzungskommission”) has given priority to the TSO’s applications.

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