European Energy Exchange (EEX) became the number one cleared trading venue for Spanish power in March 2016

Leipzig, Germany, 14-Apr-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — In March 2016, a total volume of 4.6 TWh was traded in Spanish Power Derivatives contracts at the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Thereof, 4.4 TWh have been registered in Power Futures and 0.2 TWh have been registered in Power Options. Therefore EEX became the number one cleared trading venue for Spanish power in March, reaching 42% of all cleared exchange volumes and a 26% market share of total volumes.

Peter Reitz explains: “Through clearing of various European power markets via the common clearing house ECC, customers benefit from significant margin savings. As a result, EEX attracts trading participants from all over Europe to trade on its platform. In total, 76 participants are admitted to trading Spanish Power at EEX, including 66 customers that are based outside Spain.” Five new members started to trade in March, adding to the increasing liquidity pool.

In April, the positive development in this market continued: On 6 April, 831,910 MWh were traded or registered for clearing at EEX which is a new daily record. The previous record was achieved on 15 December 2015 with a volume of 549,031 MWh.

The rising demand in Spanish power products follows the success story of EEX in the Italian power market. After the launch of trade registration for Italy in 2013 and exchange trading in 2014, more than half of the entire market is now traded via EEX .

EEX launched Trade Registration services for Spanish power futures in March 2014. Upon request by its customers, EEX extended its offering to order book trading for this market in February 2015. Since then, volumes in this market have increased continuously.

In addition to its Spanish product offering, power futures for Germany, France, Italy, UK, the Nordic market, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland are available for trading at EEX. Furthermore, EEX offers Trade Registration services for these markets as well as for Greece and Romania. The power spot markets for Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands are operated by EPEX SPOT.

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange in Europe. It develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and commodity products. At EEX, contracts on Power, Coal and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products are traded or registered for clearing. Alongside EEX, EPEX SPOT, Powernext, Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) and Gaspoint Nordic are also part of EEX Group. Clearing and settlement of trading transactions are provided by the clearing house European Commodity Clearing (ECC). More information:

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