Ericsson’s 5G technology used in the first 5G based self-driving car demonstration in Hungary

Ericsson’s 5G technology used in the first 5G based self-driving car demonstration in Hungary

(PRESS RELEASE) ZALAEGERSZEG, Hungary, 28-May-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — ZalaZone, located in the city of Zalaegerszeg in Hungary, is a 5G-based self-driving vehicle test track that has just been officially opened on May 20, 2019. The ZalaZone test track relies on an advanced 5G technology from Ericsson, which is installed on an existing radio tower operated by Magyar Telekom.

The opening ceremony was attended by Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister, and the country’s Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovic.

Self-driving cars using the 5G mobile network for the first time in Hungary were demonstrated to the attendees of the opening ceremony.

The ZalaZone test track in Zalaegerszeg boasts 2-kilometer handling course that includes a multi-surface braking platform and multiple test track modules for everything from highway roads and bad rural roads to a water basin and offers unique testing opportunity for car manufacturers in Europe that need the 5G network infrastructure, which is installed on the test track.

Engineers from Ericsson, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems have all worked together to construct the test environment at the ZalaZone test track.

The 5G’s high-capacity and low-latency characteristics are of great importance to future transport solutions.

Commenting on the 5G used on the ZalaZone test track, Claes Herlitz, Head of Global Automotive Services at Ericsson, said:

“Right now, the car of the future is just on a practice lap. 5G will give us the green flag to speed up innovation. The millisecond latency of 5G will enable workloads to be shifted, balancing what work gets done in the car, and what gets done in the cloud. This makes access to data faster and allows us to transform onboard architecture of vehicles.”

Ericsson Hungary’s Country Manager Gábor Éry went further to explain that the ZalaZone test track experience shows how various industries and academic institutions can work together to push the boundaries of what can be achieved using 5G technology.

Commenting further, Gábor, said:

“Ericsson is very proud to have contributed to the first 5G technology-based self-driving car demonstration in Hungary with the company’s leading 5G technology. This project is a very good example of the close collaboration of various industries, allowing for the efficient utilization of the benefits and opportunities provided by 5G technology.”

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