Equinor Expands Onshore Renewables Footprint in Poland with Lipno Solar Plant

Equinor Expands Onshore Renewables Footprint in Poland with Lipno Solar Plant

(IN BRIEF) Equinor has commenced test production at its third solar plant in Poland, Lipno, marking a significant milestone in expanding its onshore renewables portfolio in the region to approximately 200 MW. This development underscores Equinor’s commitment to strengthening its position in Poland’s rapidly growing renewable energy market.

(PRESS RELEASE) STAVANGER, 18-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Equinor has initiated test production at its latest solar venture, the Lipno solar plant in central Poland. This milestone solidifies Equinor’s foothold in Poland’s burgeoning renewable energy sector, boosting its onshore renewables capacity to approximately 200 MW across the country.

Acquired in 2021, Wento, Equinor’s wholly-owned subsidiary, has rapidly evolved under Equinor’s stewardship, expanding from a niche solar developer to a robust power producer. Currently, Wento manages three solar plants and one onshore wind park in Poland, collectively generating an estimated 280 GWh annually. This output caters to the energy needs of approximately 140,000 Polish households.

Danske Commodities, Equinor’s energy trading arm, has secured a balancing agreement with the Lipno solar plant, tasked with optimizing power commercialization in Poland’s dynamic energy market. The plant is anticipated to yield returns consistent with Equinor’s renewable energy investment guidelines.

Anders Bade, Senior Vice President for Onshore and Markets within Renewables at Equinor, highlighted Wento’s transformative journey, emphasizing Equinor’s strategy to scale operations through local partnerships and enhance profitability via innovative power trading strategies.

Looking ahead, Wento is not only focused on expanding its solar portfolio but also diversifying into battery storage projects, crucial for bolstering Poland’s grid stability amid increasing renewable energy integration.

Michał Jerzy Kołodziejczyk, Equinor’s Country Manager in Poland, underscored Equinor’s commitment to supporting Poland’s energy transition, positioning the company as a dependable energy partner through diversified energy offerings and sustainable growth initiatives.

Beyond onshore renewables, Equinor is actively involved in developing offshore wind projects in collaboration with Polenergia and continues to supply natural gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf to Poland via the Baltic Pipe initiative.

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