EIB and MicroBank’s €200 Million Boost to Spanish Entrepreneurs

EIB and MicroBank’s €200 Million Boost to Spanish Entrepreneurs

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) and MicroBank have partnered to provide a €200 million loan, aimed at empowering small businesses and self-employed individuals in Spain. With MicroBank contributing an additional €100 million, this initiative seeks to address the financing needs of microenterprises, particularly among young entrepreneurs, fostering job creation and economic growth. Through the ‘MicroBank Academy’ digital platform, beneficiaries will receive training to enhance their digital and business skills, further promoting innovation and competitiveness. This collaboration builds on previous successful ventures, totaling €220 million, which have already supported nearly 24,000 enterprises, contributing significantly to job creation and regional development in Spain.

(PRESS RELEASE) LUXEMBOURG, 14-May-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — The European Investment Bank (EIB) and MicroBank have signed a €100 million loan that will facilitate access to finance for Spanish microenterprises and self-employed individuals looking to launch or expand their businesses. With the loan signed with the EIB, which is guaranteed by CaixaBank, MicroBank will make a total of €200 million in microloans available to this business segment thanks to its additional contribution of €100 million.

In a new development, the beneficiaries of MicroBank’s microloans will have access to the digital platform ‘MicroBank Academy’, which aims to provide training and skills improvement opportunities for entrepreneurs through a series of courses to boost their digital and business skills.

This is the fourth operation between MicroBank and the EIB in support of microenterprises and self-employed individuals in Spain, a segment that often struggles to access traditional bank financing. The previous transactions totalled €220 million, and have so far enabled nearly 24 000 small businesses and self-employed people to get finance. Many of the beneficiaries have created startups with the help of this initiative, boosting innovation and competitiveness in Spanish industry.

One of the main goals is to create employment. According to studies by MicroBank, its support for entrepreneurs helped to create 28 521 direct jobs in Spain in 2023. It focused on those likely to face greater obstacles, such as young entrepreneurs in need of liquidity amid tightening financing conditions. Many self-employment ventures are expected to grow with the support of the EIB and MicroBank, resulting in the creation of new jobs.

Some of the investments under these projects are also expected to be made in regions of Spain that the European Union classifies as less developed, where per capita income is below 75% of the EU average. The agreement will therefore help to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the European Union, one of the EIB’s cross-cutting objectives.

The transaction comes under the EIB’s activities aimed at financing SMEs and mid-caps, in line with EU priorities such as increasing the competitiveness of EU industry.

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The European Investment Bank (ElB) is the long-term lending institution of the European Union, owned by its Member States. It finances sound investment contributing to EU policy objectives. EIB projects bolster competitiveness, drive innovation, promote sustainable development, enhance social and territorial cohesion, and support a just and swift transition to climate neutrality.

The European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group), consisting of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF), reported total financing signatures in Spain of €11.4 billion in 2023, approximately €6.8 billion of which went to climate action and environmental sustainability projects. Overall, the EIB Group signed €88 billion in new financing in 2023.


MicroBank is the social bank of CaixaBank. It is the leading microfinance institution in Europe, providing solutions for various segments of the population whose financial needs are not sufficiently met. It plays a crucial role in the sustainable banking plan under CaixaBank’s new strategic plan, being tasked with promoting financial inclusion, facilitating access to loans for the most vulnerable people, and strengthening its commitment to socioeconomic development in the areas where it operates. MicroBank’s goal is to contribute to the progress and well-being of society by offering financing to people and projects that are making a positive social impact.

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