#EarthDayImpact: Schroders employees to collectively reduce their carbon footprint in celebration of the Earth Day

#EarthDayImpact: Schroders employees to collectively reduce their carbon footprint in celebration of the Earth Day

(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON, 22-Apr-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Schroders (LON: SDR), a British multinational asset management company, has announced the firm is marking the Earth Day and its employees are taking further action to collectively reduce their carbon footprint and lead the way towards a net zero future. The firm is challenging its employees to think about their #EarthDayImpact, with six easy practical steps that can help to improve our health and the health of our planet. By committing to these simple lifestyle changes together, we can create a far more sustainable future:

  • Going electric
  • Choosing to travel eco-friendly
  • Eating sustainable
  • Reducing fast fashion
  • Spending responsible
  • Adventure locally

We asked our colleagues from around the world what actions they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Kate Rogers, Head of Sustainability, Schroders Wealth Management, commented:

“As well as being a vegetarian, switching to renewable energy and leasing an electric car, I was really pleased to find Ecologi, an amazing social enterprise that allows me to offset my carbon emissions and support incredible environmental projects. I also invest sustainably, avoiding areas of harm while supporting companies seeking to create positive change.

“Offsetting is made super easy by the monthly subscription, with very tangible impact reporting for my family. I’ve planted almost 1,000 trees and offset enough CO2 to save 171m2 of sea ice. For less than £20-a-month, I can offset my family’s carbon emissions and support amazing projects from protecting forests in Zimbabwe to generating renewable energy in Taiwan.

“It’s easy to switch to sustainable investments with much greater choice, nowadays. I’m pleased to know that my savings are held in companies that align with my values. Sustainable investments held up well over 2020, and my decision to invest for people and planet generated a welcome profit.”

Frederic Brindeau, Head of Asset Management for Infrastructure Debt, Schroders, commented:

“I’m cautious about where my money goes and its purpose. I’m keen to allocate part of my investment towards start-ups with strong environmental impacts.

“I decided to donate 1% of my salary to social and environmental organisations. Being consistent on sustainability including on the investment side makes me feel good. There is a circular positive finance, where I can buy an organic product that I have contributed towards through investments.

“Aligning my finances to my values has felt natural. My background in finance makes me think that even though my investment may not bring the best financial return, when adjusted with the associated risks and more importantly the social and environmental benefits, there is a good balance!”

Schroders #EarthDayImpact is aimed at empowering our people to help drive positive change both, within our organisation and externally. Even the smallest steps are significant in our pursuit to achieve net zero.

This is fully aligned with our purpose as an active manager to accelerate positive change through channelling capital into sustainable and durable businesses, to achieve risk-adjusted financial returns for our clients.

It is equally important that we lead by example, and we are committed to planning for, and executing on, the transition towards net zero emissions within our own operations. Last year we joined the global movement, the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative, joining other asset managers in committing to the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, or sooner.

Speaking in a recent podcast Hannah Simons, Head of Sustainability Strategy, Schroders, explains that “it is the changes that we start putting into action today that will protect the long-term future of our clients and the companies in which they invest.”

Recognising the urgency of the climate crisis, in 2021 we went further and joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C, as well as confirming our commitment to the Science Based Targets Initiative.

To find out more about Schroders #EarthDayImpact and our corporate responsibility to the environment here.

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