Drone-Powered 5G Connectivity Enables Remote Control of Forestry Machines in Sweden’s Forests

Drone-Powered 5G Connectivity Enables Remote Control of Forestry Machines in Sweden’s Forests

(IN BRIEF) In a pioneering collaboration involving several organizations including Telia, Ericsson, and Volvo CE, supported by Vinnova, a successful test was conducted using a drone equipped with a portable mobile base station to provide 5G connectivity in remote forest areas near Västerås, Sweden. This innovation allowed for the remote control of forestry machinery, demonstrating potential applications in improving operational efficiency and safety in challenging environments. The project aims to further develop these capabilities to enhance connectivity and enable remote-controlled vehicles in inaccessible terrains across Sweden.

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 18-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — In a collaborative effort involving Mittuniversitetet, Telia, Ericsson, Skogforsk, SCA, Volvo CE, and Biometria, supported by Vinnova and the program for Advanced Digitalization, a groundbreaking test was conducted in a forest near Västerås, central Sweden. The project utilized a drone equipped with its own portable mobile base station to extend 5G network coverage to an area with limited connectivity, enabling remote control of a forestry machine.

This achievement follows a milestone in November 2021 when a timber loader was successfully remotely operated at SCA’s Torsboda timber terminal. Building on this success, the project aimed to use a drone as a mobile base station to provide temporary 5G connectivity in remote forest areas. The tests conducted in early May demonstrated the feasibility of remotely controlling large vehicles via the drone acting as a base station, expanding connectivity options for industries operating in regions with inadequate network coverage.

Magnus Leonhardt, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Telia Sweden’s B2B business, emphasized the transformative potential of this technology: “The ability to establish connectivity and remotely control heavy machinery via a drone opens up flexible new opportunities for businesses operating in remote or disaster-stricken areas.”

During the test in Virsbo forest, approximately 500 meters from the forestry machine, the drone provided coverage extending up to 3 kilometers. The operator, located 80 kilometers away at Skogforsk’s remote control lab in Uppsala, successfully controlled the forestry machine in real-time. Petrus Jönsson, a researcher at Skogforsk, highlighted the test’s focus on enhancing operational environments, particularly for soil preparation workers facing challenging terrain.

Looking ahead, the project aims to advance capabilities by testing remote control of heavier machinery in inaccessible terrains, aiming to improve efficiency and safety for operators. Researchers from Mittuniversitetet are evaluating data from these tests to assess communication latency and reliability crucial for remote machinery control, exploring further possibilities for 5G applications.

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