DNV: Synergi Water rebrands to Synergi Liquid

DNV: Synergi Water rebrands to Synergi Liquid

(PRESS RELEASE) BÆRUM, 17-Nov-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has announced the change of the name of Synergi Water, which now is called Synergi Liquid. The rebranding comes along with a product update to Synergi Liquid 4.9.5, which introduces a new state-of-the-art hydraulic modelling engine and 300+ powerful features and functionalities.

Building on over 50 years of market-driven liquid modelling development, Synergi Water is now ‘Synergi Liquid’. The name change to Synergi Liquid reflects the wide applicability of the software, both for water utilities and the oil and gas industry, for hydraulic modelling and analysis of complex networks of pipes, regulators, valves, pumps, reservoirs, tanks, wells, and boreholes.

“This is the same product, but more power packed than ever before,” says Kevin Hemingway, Product Manager, Synergi Gas and Synergi Liquid, DNV.

The name change pays homage to the software’s roots. “The name ‘Water’” only gave half the picture. Right from the start, this software was designed to be flexible and to handle all kinds of Newtonian, non-compressible liquid systems. The tool has evolved over the decades but the ethos of the product and DNV’s vision remains unchanged, so we sought to revert to a name closer to its original name ‘Liquid Steady State (LQSS)’,” he adds.

Powered by a new hydraulic engine

Synergi Liquid 4.9.5 sees big improvements to the software, in addition to the rebranding. That is because Synergi Liquid introduces a brand new state-of-the-art hydraulic engine that now powers the software. The proprietary engine and the new software architecture improve the user experience and have resulted in enhanced functionality that will improve efficiency and reduce cost.

“Synergi Liquid 4.9.5 sets a new benchmark for the industry and once again demonstrates DNV’s commitment to innovation and excellence. It’s a giant leap in a point release” says Tony Alfano, Pipeline Product Line Director at DNV. “The software is now faster and even more capable with 300 new power-packed features & functions. We are very excited about the new hydraulic engine powering Synergi Liquid, the functionality it brings to our customers and the possibilities it presents as we continue to build the tool,” he says.

“The goal was to help our customers deliver projects with a higher level of accuracy, greater result visualization, and unparalleled modelling versatility,” adds Kevin Hemingway. “With new features that will apply to both our midstream and water distribution clients, all our users have a lot to gain from the update. What’s more, depending upon the layout of the model, testing shows that modellers will now see faster solutions, by up to 30%, with Synergi Liquid 4.9.5,” he elaborates.

Synergi Liquid has multiple uses. It can be used to model potable water and wastewater. It can be used to model oil production wells and fracking water. “This allows our customers to purchase one less modelling program than they would otherwise, saving on the cost of ownership and making it easier than using multiple applications,” explains Hemingway.

What remains constant through the rebranding and the product update is the best-in-class customer support. Pairing the latest technology with highly skilled engineers, DNV ensures that Synergi Liquid users get exceptional support and maximum value from Synergi Liquid.

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Tony Alfano, P.E.
Pipeline Product Line Director

Kevin Hemingway
Product Manager – Synergi Gas and Synergi Liquid
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