DHL implements innovative volume measurement solution called MetriX Freight

To facilitate and expedite the dimensioning of all shipments at Messe Frankfurt, DHL has recently implemented an innovative volume measurement solution with camera sensors.

  • DHL Trade Fairs & Events uses gaming technology for its logistics services
  • Time savings and more efficient dimensioning thanks to 3D camera technology

BONN, 30-Aug-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — DHL is the official logistics partner of Messe Frankfurt. The specialists for fair and event logistics from the division DHL Trade Fairs & Events as part of DHL Freight are responsible for all logistics services at the exhibition grounds. Hereto belongs amongst others the handling of exhibition pieces and goods arriving and leaving the fair site. To facilitate and expedite the dimensioning and registration process of all incoming and outgoing shipments, DHL has recently implemented an innovative volume measurement solution. The solution is called MetriX Freight and works with camera sensors of a renowned game consoles manufacturer using 3D camera technology. The technology has been adapted for this specific purpose by the start-up Metrilus in close coordination with DHL Trend Research and DHL Trade Fairs & Events.

“Prior to the implementation of MetriX Freight within the Cargo Center at Messe Frankfurt all exhibition pieces and freight goods had to be measured manually. Both volume and weight are crucial to our customers as they define the calculated rate. Our new digital dimensioning solution significantly improves precision and enables up to six times faster handling of all shipments,” states Vincenco Scrudato, Managing Director, DHL Trade Fairs & Events.

Depending on the size, up to three employees had been involved in measuring and documenting a single piece of freight in terms of its height, width and length. Having approximately 750 to 1,600 pieces of freight per night made this process very time consuming. Thanks to the new digital solution this process now runs almost automatically. For instance, following the dismantling process at the end of a fair, all freight pieces are ready to ship within less than 24 hours.

“We as Messe Frankfurt are the very first fair venue in Germany having this innovative solution in place. DHL’s innovative capacities, which we were able to experience firsthand during our workshop at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, are a perfect match to our digitization strategy. We are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation and innovative journey together with DHL Trade Fairs & Events,” states Oliver Schell, Division Manager Logistics, Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

The necessary hardware in form of 3D cameras is assembled along a rack at the hall ceiling. Originally, the technology has been developed by an international game console manufacturer to capture the player’s kinetic movement. A specialized dimensioning algorithm developed by Metrilus in close collaboration with DHL Trend Research is the key feature of the MetriX Freight solution. Herewith objects of a size up to 2.5 meters and independently of its shape can be accurately measured in less than a second. The accurate sizes as well as an individualized barcode are then displayed on a screen and can be scanned by the forklift driver with a handheld device. The whole process is completed in less than ten seconds which is up to six times faster than before. A tremendous improvement for an industry in which time is a crucial factor. Errors in volume dimensioning become almost impossible. Consequently, trade fair customers receive better quality as well as faster and more efficient services due to DHL Trade Fairs & Events.

SOURCE: Deutsche Post AG

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