DFKI strengthens No. 1 position in the application-oriented use of Deep Learning procedures with the first NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputer in Europe

Prof. Andreas Dengel and Jensen Huang discuss at the GTC. Photo: NVIDIA

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is the first institution in Europe to receive an NVIDIA DGX-2 supercomputer, which is considered to be the world’s most powerful computing machine for modern AI processes. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, presented the supercomputer during his keynote speech today at the GPU Technology Conference Europe GTC in Munich and pointed out the outstanding work of DFKI in the field of satellite image analysis.

MUNICH/ KAISERSLAUTERN, 11-Oct-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel, head of the research area Smart Data & Knowledge Services at DFKI in Kaiserslautern and coordinator of the Deep Learning Competence Centre, is pleased about the growth in the server room: “With the extension of our Machine Learning computer centre by a DGX-2, we are consolidating the position of DFKI as No. 1 in the application-oriented use of Deep Learning procedures for industrial use and creating an infrastructure for research in the field of learning systems that is unique in Europe”.

One of the outstanding research projects to be further deepened with the new hardware is the analysis of satellite images for the recognition and recording of the effects of natural disasters, from which emergency and rescue forces are supported with time-critical information.

A current key topic for the development of learning and autonomous systems and another subject of DFKI research is the decoding of the processing paths of deep neural networks. Novel DFKI procedures are in the process of shed light for the first time on the processes of the “black box” of deep learning and help to make their decision-making processes more comprehensible. In addition, the new computing possibilities are intended to open up further promising potentials.

“The most powerful AI system in the world for the most complex AI challenges”.

NVIDIA describes the DGX-2 as the most powerful AI system in the world with 2PetaFLOPS performance for the first time. The processor integrates 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs connected via NVIDIA NVSwitch. An AI network structure that delivers a throughput of 2.5 TB per second. This allows the acceleration of new AI model types that could not previously be trained. This means that the complexity and size of neural network models are no longer limited by the boundaries of conventional architectures (Further information about the DGX-2 can be found here).

The expansion of the DFKI’s machine learning infrastructure is being funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate within the framework of a joint priority for the expansion of deep learning research.

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