Deutsche Telekom: testing, checking and monitoring processes can now be done electronically; handwritten test logs a thing of the past

Deutsche Telekom: testing, checking and monitoring processes can now be done electronically; handwritten test logs a thing of the past

  • “Goods Compliance”: Deutsche Telekom doing away with paperwork
  • A comprehensive package for performing and documenting test processes digitally
  • No need for complex installation – for quick and easy entry into the Internet of Things

BONN, 22-Nov-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — “Goods Compliance” makes handwritten test logs a thing of the past. This bundle from the Internet of Things digitized test processes in real time and documents their results, leaving no gaps to be filled in manually. This allows companies to ensure that they are complying with legal requirements and achieving their own internal quality goals. The solution also provides reliable data on objects and their functioning. It can tell us, for example, whether such systems as cold storage rooms are working as they should.

Goods Compliance saves time and resources

Cars are not the only things that have to go through technical inspections. Checks are required by law on lots of products. Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are just two examples among very many of such objects. And testing is also a part of day-to-day business in companies’ everyday operations. Machines, critical routines and sensitive products are all subject to strict monitoring. This is particularly true in the food processing industry and the pharmaceuticals sector. And such checks cost businesses a lot of effort. Very many companies still work with hand-written logs and Excel lists. With the “Goods Compliance” bundle, all that work can now be done electronically. Saving time and money.

The bundle for an easy start into the Internet of Things 

This ready-to-use solution includes all the components you need. From the sensors and mobile data connections, through the app, IoT platform and cloud storage system, all the way to the clearly structured web portal it provides. “Goods Compliance” is easy to use: The objects you need to test are given a QR code. This code, which makes them individually identifiable, can be associated with a particular test task. The check can then begin. And all you need to conduct it is a smartphone or a tablet computer. The QR code is scanned in. The app recognizes the QR code as a control point and retrieves the corresponding checklist from the cloud. Checklists and control points can be set up by users to suit their needs. The solution can also carry out important temperature readings at the control point. This can be done either manually using bluetooth temperature sensors or automatically by means of permanently installed sensors. All data then flow via the cloud into a user-friendly online portal. On that portal they are prepared for display and documented, allowing to verify remotely that everything is working as it should. And if anything goes wrong, an alarm sounds.

More certainty on everything you need to be certain of

The bundle can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. Franchises can use it to document their operations, certifying that they conform to the quality standards set for them. Companies leasing industrial plant can use “Goods Compliance” to check their machines over before leasing them out again. And supermarket managers can see if all their cooling cabinets are working properly. The easy-to-use web interface makes the solution easy to operate. The system is even multilingual. Both the web portal and the app are available in German, English, French and Italian.

Greater transparency in food processing

“Goods Compliance” is deployed in the food industry under the product name “CHECK CLOUD”. This specialized version is the result of a partnership between Deutsche Telekom and the Max Maier group of companies. The partnership also includes Rieber GmbH & Co KG, an international market leader for canteen kitchen equipment and food transport containers.

“CHECK CLOUD” provides paper-free documentation of temperatures and test results conforming to the EU-wide HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) hygiene standard. And it does so at whatever control point the user chooses. That means the foodstuff testing process is completely transparent – from goods delivery through storage and food preparation all the way to transport and the final food counter. The system allows kitchen managers to prove that they conform to all regulations, leaving no gaps.

As an added benefit, they also receive valuable information from the system in real time on the condition of their foodstuffs. This ensures the quality of the food they produce and allows them to operate with less waste.

“CHECK CLOUD” has already won the renowned “Zukunftspreis 2018” (“Future Award 2018”) in the category “Trendsetter product – Fittings & Equipment”. The prize was presented at Internorga, a major international specialist trade fair for gastronomy and the hotel industry.

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