Deutsche Telekom Dominates Connect Readers’ Polls in Spring 2024

Deutsche Telekom Dominates Connect Readers’ Polls in Spring 2024

(IN BRIEF) In the latest Connect readers’ poll, Deutsche Telekom emerged as the undisputed leader across various categories in the telecommunications sector. Garnering over 90,000 votes, Deutsche Telekom clinched top honors in mobile network operation, fixed network provision, IPTV service, and prepaid card offerings. With a relentless focus on expanding its 5G network, Deutsche Telekom boasts an impressive 96% coverage nationwide, alongside plans to achieve 99% coverage by 2025. Additionally, the company’s commitment to fiber-optic expansion and innovative entertainment platforms like MagentaTV earned it widespread acclaim. Notably, congstar, Telekom’s subsidiary, secured first place among mobile providers for the 13th consecutive time, reinforcing Telekom’s multi-brand strategy. With its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, Deutsche Telekom continues to set the benchmark in Germany’s telecommunications landscape.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 20-Apr-2024— /EuropaWire/ — Every year, connect readers vote for their favorites: In spring 2024, over 90,000 readers submitted their ratings of Germany’s networks, services and manufacturers. Deutsche Telekom achieved the highest rank four times this year. It was voted the best mobile network operator of the year, its MagentaTV offering was named the number one IPTV service, it was named the leading fixed network operator and was once again named the best provider of prepaid cards.

Leading mobile network operator

The demands of over 61 million Telekom customers on the mobile network continue to grow unabated. And the company continues to do everything in its power to maintain its leading position in the mobile communications sector. The ongoing expansion of the 5G network clearly demonstrates this: over 96% of the population in Germany already has access to Deutsche Telekom’s 5G mobile network. This was once again rewarded with first place in the connect readers’ poll in 2024.

More than 80,000 5G antennas are currently in operation. Of these, over 10,000 antennas transmit on the fast 3.6 GHz frequency – with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

Deutsche Telekom aims to provide 99% of the population with 5G by 2025. In addition to expanding the 5G network, Deutsche Telekom is also continuing to invest in improving the LTE network, which currently already reaches 99.6% of people in Germany.

First place for network operator prepaid cards

The readers of connect have once again voted Telekom’s prepaid options the best. They praise the high quality and full cost control that Telekom offers with its MagentaMobil prepaid products. Another plus point: 5G is included in all MagentaMobil prepaid tariffs – without any contract commitment.

Top position among fixed network providers

Whether urban or rural – Deutsche Telekom is rapidly expanding its fiber-optic network. Telekom is currently the largest fiber-optic provider in Germany. The network has a length of over 750,000 kilometers. This means that over 8 million households can already book an FTTH connection from Deutsche Telekom with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s. Deutsche Telekom plans to provide more than 10 million households with an FTTH connection by 2024.

Every year, Telekom invests several billion euros in the expansion of its network. Connect readers also like this and voted it the most popular brand.

Deutsche Telekom wants all households in Germany to be supplied with an FTTH connection by 2030. The majority of this will be implemented by Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom also offers fast connections in areas where the fiber optic cable does not yet reach the buildings. Over 30 million households can book a Telekom tariff with up to 250 Mbit/s. The company also supplies more than 36 million households and companies in Germany with download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s.

First place among IPTV providers

With MagentaTV, Deutsche Telekom offers a platform that combines traditional TV and the modern world of streaming. It offers everything your heart desires: classic TV with over 150 channels in HD, series and films on demand with MagentaTV+ and streaming services such as Disney+, Netflix and RTL+. And the best thing about it: the tariffs are perfectly tailored to the respective needs. The readers of connect agree. MagentaTV makes good entertainment easily accessible.

In addition, functions such as timeshift, restart and 7-day replay noticeably increase convenience. Flexible use when on vacation in other EU countries makes the offer even more attractive. This is because MagentaTV can also be used during a temporary stay in another EU country, for example via MagentaTV One on the TV in the accommodation as well as on a tablet or smartphone.

An absolute highlight in the 2024 soccer year: Only MagentaTV offers all 51 UEFA EURO 2024 matches live and in UHD quality. Five of these matches will be shown exclusively on MagentaTV in Germany.

First place for congstar among mobile providers

The readers of connect have decided: They voted congstar – Telekom’s second brand – first place in the “Mobile providers” category. This puts congstar at the top of the winners’ podium for the 13th time in a row. The mobile tariffs from congstar ideally complement Telekom’s product world and are an important part of the multi-brand strategy. The congstar range is the first choice for price-conscious customers who still value proven Telekom quality. The focus is always on flexibility and a transparent offer structure. More than 6 million customers throughout Germany currently use congstar products and tariffs – and the number is growing every day.

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