Destatis: Germany export in January 2018 reached 107.1 billion euros; up 8.6% YoY

Exports, January 2018

  • 107.1 billion euros
  • –0.5% on the previous month (calendar and seasonally adjusted)
  • +8.6% on the same month a year earlier

Imports, January 2018

  • 89.7 billion euros
  • –0.5% on the previous month (calendar and seasonally adjusted)
  • +6.7% on the same month a year earlier

Foreign trade balance, January 2018

  • 17.4 billion euros
  • 21.3 billion euros (calendar and seasonally adjusted)

Current account of the Deutsche Bundesbank, January 2018

  • 22.0 billion euros

WIESBADEN, 09-Mar-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Germany exported goods to the value of 107.1 billion euros and imported goods to the value of 89.7 billion euros in January 2018. Based on provisional data, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that German exports increased by 8.6% and imports by 6.7% in January 2018 year on year. Compared with December 2017, both exports and imports decreased by a calendar and seasonally adjusted 0.5%.

The foreign trade balance showed a surplus of 17.4 billion euros in January 2018. In January 2017, the surplus amounted to 14.6 billion euros. In calendar and seasonally adjusted terms, the foreign trade balance recorded a surplus of 21.3 billion euros in January 2018.

According to provisional results of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the current account of the balance of payments showed a surplus of 22.0 billion euros in January 2018, which takes into account the balances of trade in goods including supplementary trade items (+19.6 billion euros), services (-0.4 billion euros), primary income (+7.6 billion euros) and secondary income (-4.9 billion euros). In January 2017, the German current account showed a surplus of 11.9 billion euros.

In January 2018, Germany exported goods to the value of 64.9 billion euros to the Member States of the European Union (EU), while it imported goods to the value of 49.6 billion euros from those countries. Compared with January 2017, exports to the EU countries increased by 10.7%, and imports from those countries by 6.9%. Goods to the value of 41.1 billion euros (+11.2%) were dispatched to the Euro area countries in January 2018, while the value of the goods received from those countries was 32.1 billion euros (+6.7%). In January 2018, goods to the value of 23.8 billion euros (+9.9%) were exported to EU countries not belonging to the Euro area, while the value of the goods imported from those countries was 17.5 billion euros (+7.2%).

Exports of goods to countries outside the European Union (third countries) amounted to 42.2 billion euros in January 2018, while imports from those countries totalled 40.1 billion euros. Compared with January 2017, exports to third countries increased by 5.5% and imports from those countries by 6.6%.

Flows of commodities and services
in EUR bn
Item January December January
2018 2017
1 According to calculations of the Deutsche Bundesbank
Foreign trade
1   Exports (f.o.b.) 107.1 100.6 98.6
2   Imports (c.i.f.) 89.7 82.5 84.0
3  Foreign trade balance (1-2) 17.4 18.1 14.6
Transition to trade in goods 1
4  Supplementary trade items 2.2 0.3 1.1
Current account balances 1
5  Trade in goods (3+4) 19.6 18.5 15.7
6  Services –0.4 3.7 –1.0
7  Primary income 7.6 11.7 6.9
8  Secondary income –4.9 –5.0 –9.7
Current account (5+6+7+8) 22.0 28.8 11.9
Groups of countries
Item January
change on
January 2017
billion euro %
Results in accordance with the EU concept (by country of consignment)
Total exports 107.1 98.6 8.6
EU Member States 64.9 58.6 10.7
Euro-zone 41.1 36.9 11.2
Non-euro-zone 23.8 21.7 9.9
Third countries 42.2 40.0 5.5
Total imports 89.7 84.0 6.7
EU Member States 49.6 46.4 6.9
Euro-zone 32.1 30.1 6.7
Non-euro-zone 17.5 16.4 7.2
Third countries 40.1 37.6 6.6

Methodological notes: 
As of reference month January 2018, the monthly press release for foreign trade statistics has been converted to the country of origin concept. This press release is now in line with all other national publications based on the country of origin. Until then the press release was published in accordance with the Eurostat concept (country of consignment). As a consequence, the results published for the groups of countries in the press release differed from those in other publications of foreign trade statistics. A comparative table for the country of origin and the country of consignment concept is available for download (only in German) on the internet.

In addition, first detailed preliminary results (only in German) will be released by countries of origin/consignment and by chapters of the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics at the time the press released is published.

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SOURCE: Statistisches Bundesamt (Destatis)


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