Daimler FleetBoard now with DispoPilot.app for the flexible integration of subcontractors

  • Now available: FleetBoard DispoPilot.app for the flexible integration of subcontractors
  • Now available: FleetBoard Driver.app – the app for driving time and relaxation time
  • Proven for Android and iOS: FleetBoard Fleet.app for optimising trips and tracking vehicles
  • Specially created for buses: FleetBoard Bus.app with specific functions for passenger transport

STUTTGART, 21-8-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Daimler FleetBoard, a leading provider of telematics for trucks, vans and buses in the European market, offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of apps for Android and iOS-based end devices. Because the apps can be used via smartphone or tablet PC, both clients and schedulers, drivers or subcontractors can quickly and flexibly retrieve the relevant data, irrespective of where they are. The comprehensive range of apps allows the greatest possible transparency regarding the job, vehicle and driver.

Now available: FleetBoard DispoPilot.app for the flexible integration of subcontractors

The new FleetBoard DispoPilot.app makes it possible for customers to adapt their logistics processes and capacity flexibly and dynamically to accommodate temporary arrangements, for example the integration of a subcontractor. And this is without any loss in the efficiency of the enhanced logistics processes provided through the FleetBoard Logistics Management services for either driver or client. Instead of the fixed DispoPilot.guide installed in the vehicle, drivers use Android smartphones or tablet PCs with the DispoPilot.app. It is also not necessary to install the FleetBoard TiiRec on-board computer to use the app. Amongst other functions, the new application assures communication between the control centre and the driver, facilitates workflow-based processing of orders and transmits geocoded addresses as well as the starting position for route guidance – provided an additional navigation app is installed. The FleetBoard DispoPilot.app also offers the ability to take photos and make printouts. As there is no direct link with the vehicle, however, driver and vehicle data cannot be transmitted.

Logistics can manage the logistics processes in the familiar environment – the FleetBoard cockpit – using the Logistics Management services and FleetBoard Mapping to optimum effect.

The app is based on the Android operating system, is offered in Europe and is available in 24 languages. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

Now available: FleetBoard Driver.app – the app for driving time and relaxation time

Drivers who drive in an anticipatory way and at demonstrably constant speeds will earn top marks in the FleetBoard driving style assessment. The FleetBoard driving analysis service provides details on driving style. Up until now only company owners and fleet or logistics managers received data on this and other driver-related information such as remaining driving time. The drivers themselves had to rely on their own gut feeling or were dependent on getting information from head office on their driving style.

For the first time the free, Android-based FleetBoard Driver.app now offers drivers a look at the data relating to them in the FleetBoard driving analysis and time management services. This can certainly help to boost the drivers’ motivation and sense of autonomy.

Based on the FleetBoard driving analysis, with the new app the drivers receive direct feedback on their driving style over the last few trips. Both an overall mark and a mark for individual characteristics such as anticipatory driving, use of the accelerator and braking manoeuvres are shown.

With Time Manager, drivers can see their driving and resting time tallies at all times. The remaining driving time, both for that day and for the week, is shown to the minute. 30 minutes before the end of driving time, the driver receives an audible and visual signal; in addition, the driver can define a time window for the alarm, so that he or she can look for a place to stop to take the prescribed break in good time.

A top driver on the road and on top form at the rest area – the app has some other features for break time and for the end of the driving day: the digital fitness coach demonstrates exercises to strengthen neck, shoulder, upper arm and abdominal muscles, as well as the upper and lower back. Drivers can also record what they have been eating and how much walking they have done. Marks for driving style, fitness tips or leisure activities – that certainly gives you something to talk about. In “My Community” the users of the app can send messages and network with drivers around the world.

The FleetBoard Driver.app is available free of charge via the Google Play Store, in 24 languages in Europe.

Proven for Android and iOS: FleetBoard Fleet.app for optimising trips and tracking vehicles

With the “lite” versions of the Vehicle Management, Logistics Management, Time Management, and Mapping services, operators can keep an eye on their vehicles and drivers during the challenges of daily business while under way, even at night or while on holiday if need be. This lets them optimise their trips at any time and from anywhere and get in touch with their vehicles and drivers. The Fleet.app offers the following functions:

  • Overview of vehicle trips
  • Driving analysis of last trip
  • Overview of drivers’ working hours
  • Overview of FleetBoard service partners in Mapping

The FleetBoard Fleet.app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The FleetBoard Bus.app – specifically for buses

The Bus.app from FleetBoard is specially tailored to bus-specific fleet management and specifically designed for passenger transport. In addition to the functions provided by the proven FleetBoard App, service quality can be ensured through transparency regarding for example door and ramp status, air conditioning and other tell tales. The routes can also be planned and tracked in the Mapping service. Using the FleetBoard driving style assessment, the bus driver can be given direct feedback on his or her last routes, and savings potential can be highlighted.

The FleetBoard Bus.app is available free of charge from the Apple Store.

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FleetBoard Bus.app

FleetBoard Bus.app


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