Continental calls on its employees across Europe to vote in the European Parliament election 2019

Continental calls on its employees across Europe to vote in the European Parliament election 2019

(PRESS RELEASE) HANOVER, 14-May-2019 — /EuropaWire/ — Continental calls on its employees across Europe to vote in the European election, which will take place between May 23 and 26, 2019. The European Parliament election 2019 is going to be the 9th parliamentary election since the first direct elections held in 1979.

Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Chairman of the Executive Board Continental AG

Commenting on the European Parliament election 2019, Continental CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart, said:

“For decades, the European Union has been the most successful foundation yet for freedom and peace in Europe and our prosperity. In global competition, we can only win together as self-assured Europeans. Anybody who does not vote is allowing others to determine their fate. Europe’s voice counts most when we all amplify it with our own.”

Dr. Ariane Reinhart who is Executive Board member for Human Relations at Continental , commented further:

Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Member of the Executive Board, Human Relations, Director of Labor Relations, Sustainability

“Two thirds of German exports go to European countries. This means customers in Europe ensure that we have work here. A strong EU that is developing well secures the future of our jobs.”

The European Single Market is Continental’s strongest market in terms of sales. Continental’s turnover in Europe is €21.8 billion in 2018, which represents 49 percent of the company’s global sales of €44.4 billion for that year. In terms of employees, more than 50% (57 percent or roughly 140,000 staff ) of its global workforce (around 245,000 staff) are based in more than 250 European locations in almost all EU countries. The majority of its 49,000 engineers around the world work in Europe.

More than €12 billion has been invested in safe, clean, intelligent mobility across Europe by Continental over the past 10 years.

Dr. Ariane Reinhart warns against taking freedom and democracy for granted. He added:

“Freedom and democracy are the insurance cover for our community. We must defend both foundations and continually renew them. Voting in the European election is therefore an important commitment to democracy and economic growth. The long, drawn-out disputes surrounding the uncertain Brexit show us what “less EU” leads to: border fences, dislocations, fewer opportunities, and uncertain prospects.”

In particular, Dr. Reinhart called on eligible voters with higher aspirations to determine their own future. “There is a lot on the line here for them, because setbacks in the process of European unification reduce their opportunities for growth, just as they do for all of us. In times of international trade disputes and when tariffs have returned, a weakened Europe is a plaything for other, less liberal powers. A strong, European community and a strong European Single Market are the best way to protect our social, economic, and ecological climate.”

A strong Europe has a political and cultural significance for Continental, in addition to its economic relevance. European and internationally active companies bear responsibility for highlighting the benefits of a united, values-based Europe for their employees, according to Dr. Ariane Reinhart.

She added further: “Europe is a community of shared values, just like Continental. The corporate values For One Another, Freedom To Act, Trust, and Passion To Win that we embrace reflect the values of the European idea and support them. We understand it to mean that employees stick together, join forces, and work for one another as well as see and use the diversity in our company as a source of inspiration and creativity.”

The European idea has been promoted by Continental for two years now. It is giving young people the chance to experience the opportunities that a united Europe offers in the labor market, in particular. Continental has initiated the “Experiencing Europe” program in 2017, which offers a chance to young adults in Germany, who are seeking work, to complete two internships, each lasting two weeks, in another European country. On the other side, young people from other countries can complete an internship in Germany. In addition to Continental, the internship scheme includes companies like Schaeffler, Thomas Cook, and DHL. Thus far, some 100 young people have taken part in the program. The apprentices can use this international experience to improve their profile and secure a job at one of the companies involved. Four participants are currently completing an apprenticeship at Continental, and one is completing a work-study program at the company.

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