CLAAS updates JAGUAR 900 and 800 series and offers new models for PICK UP and DIRECT DISC

CLAAS updates JAGUAR 900 and 800 series and offers new models for PICK UP and DIRECT DISC

Harsewinkel, Germany, 17-Nov-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — CLAAS has a comprehensive range of extremely productive forage harvesters in the form of the JAGUAR 900 and 800 series. With effect from Agritechnica 2017, CLAAS is integrating new detailed solutions in them and offering two new PICK UP models as well as an additional DIRECT DISC version.

New in the JAGUAR 900 series:

With hydraulic precompression, a new chopping cylinder and intelligent filling of the forage trailers, the JAGUAR 900 series benefits from a range of practical features which enhance its performance:

  • The new hydraulic precompression with intelligent control ensures consistently high chop quality. The two rear springs of the precompression rollers of the feeder housing have been replaced by hydraulic rams with pressure reservoirs. A number of different characteristic maps are used to adjust the precompression force automatically to different crops and changes in the thickness of the crop flow. This solution ensures that consistent chop quality can be maintained, even under difficult conditions.
  • The new V-MAX chopping cylinder allows the knife carriers to be adjusted in such a way that a symmetrical crop discharge is still ensured during operation with a half-set of knives. In this way, it is possible to use a corncracker with chop lengths up to 30 mm. This means that the new version of the cylinder offers an additional range of chop lengths: from very short with a full set of knives, for applications such as biomass, to very long with half the number of knives – for SHREDLAGE, for example.
  • The new payload detection feature makes it easy to comply with the maximum payload of a forage trailer in order to enhance road safety. The operator can program payload quantities for up to three tractor-forage trailer combinations in CEBIS and then use the hotkey to select them. When the set quantity is reached, the system gives a warning.
  • The new JAGUAR 900 series which was launched in 2016 is now also available with the appropriate exhaust emissions standard for all countries where exhaust emission controls are not in force.

New for the JAGUAR 800 series

Automatic filling now also to the rear: AUTO FILL for side filling, and now also for filling forage trailers to the rear, is available for the entire JAGUAR 800 series as an operator assistance system. Payload detection for forage trailers is also available.

New PICK UP models

Many enhanced details have been implemented in the new PICK UP 300 and 380 series with regard to adaptation to ground contours, throughput and reliability:

  • The PICK UP 300 can be equipped with a suspended frame for optimal adaptation to ground contours.
  • All PICK UP models can be equipped with a 3-speed transmission to allow ideal adjustment of the crop flow.
  • Improvements to the roller crop press make for an even crop flow.
  • The rugged drive train is protected to a high standard by overload clutches to enable operation at maximum throughput.

Paddle roller for DIRECT DISC

The DIRECT DISC family has been expanded with the new DIRECT DISC 600 P and 500 P. The new feature is the additional paddle roller (P in the model designation) in combination with the large intake auger. This makes for an optimal crop flow in short and medium length crops.


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