CJSC Transmashholding’s Kolomna Plant Delivered TEP70BS Diesel Locomotive No 200 to Client

1-5-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — Kolomna Plant (a part of CJSC Transmashholding) has delivered TEP70BS (ТЭП70БС) mainline diesel passenger locomotive No 200 to Barnaul depot of West Siberian Railroad.

Since 2012, diesel passenger locomotive fleet of Barnaul depot is completed with Kolomna TEP70BS diesel locos operated on routes Barnaul-Biysk, Barnaul-Karasuk, Barnaul-Rubtsov-Lokoty.

All TEP70BS locos of Barnaul depot are under warranty service provided by experts of JSC Ko-lomna Plant.

BS means Boris Salambekov. The diesel locomotive model is named after an outstanding railway man, hero of socialist labor Boris Konstantinovich Salambekov.

Serial production of TEP70BS and TEP70U modification (without car power supply) was com-menced in March 2006. TEP70BS and TEP70U diesel locomotives have compliance certificates granted by a Certificate Register of Federal Railway Transport. In terms of the certificate and in regard to custom’s request and operational region, two loco modifications may be produced with different design speed 120 and 160 kp/h. Development and alteration of TEP70BS design during production are targeted to reliability and quality improvement. For example, process improve-ments of recent years concern cabling, thermoelectric air conditioner with climate control system, connection of fire extinguishing system to radio station, etc.

TEP70BS diesel locomotives are operated in Russian on Far-Eastern, Octyabryask, Gorkov, Northern, North Caucasian, South Western, Privolzhsk, Kuybyshev, East Siberian, South Ural, Sverdlovsk Railroads, as well as in neighboring countries, such as Lithuania, Belorussia and Uz-bekistan.

Kolomna Plant manufactured 43 TEP70BS diesel locomotives in 2013.





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