China’s Dominance of Pneumatic Rollers Production and Demand Continues, Finds Fact.MR Study

Pneumatic Rollers Regional Overview

DUBLIN 2, Ireland, 05-Nov-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Fact.MR, a leading market research firm that focuses on niche market intelligence across various domains, has announced the launch of a new research study which offers incisive insights on global trends influencing the pneumatic rollers market. The 224-page report is a comprehensive compilation of acumen covering projections and estimations on sales of pneumatic rollers across key countries worldwide.

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Key Takeaways from the Report:

  • Pneumatic rollers with engine capacity ranging from 100-300 HP witness higher demand from contractors with sales accounting for over 55 percent share in 2018 on the global front
  • Demand for pneumatic rollers having 8000-12000 Kg operating capacity to spur recording sales of over 2,500 units in 2017
  • Tug-of-war between Europe and North America witnessed with the former surpassing the latter; Germany and France being the major contributors
  • Greater China to maintain status quo as the most attractive country for pneumatic rollers market with 2018 witnessing a spike in pneumatic rollers sold in the country
  • Pneumatic rollers with drum widths ranging from 2000-2200 mm remain the most preferred choice of contractors with these variants making up 2/5th of the overall market’s revenue share

Greater China – A Major Revenue Pocket for Manufacturers of Pneumatic Rollers

Demand for pneumatic rollers in Greater China is estimated to surpass 1,200 units by 2018 end that are 1.2x times more than combined number of pneumatic rollers sold in India and Southeast Asian countries. Greater China’s lucrativeness as a major revenue generating country in the pneumatic rollers marketplace is mainly due to growing road construction projects such as the ongoing Silk Road project under the Belt and Road initiative connecting China and Arab states. Growth in road infrastructure in the country continues to remain instrumental in pushing the sales of pneumatic rollers and Greater China is likely to maintain its status quo as the most attractive revenue pocket in the forthcoming years.

India has also showcased higher inclination toward use of pneumatic rollers on the back of significant growth in infrastructure sector. Sales of pneumatic rollers in India are estimated to account for over 16 percent in 2018, with a 2.7x lag in sales compared to Greater China.

Pneumatic Rollers Sales Across Key Countries Worldwide
Country 2017 2018 2019 2022 2025 2028
Greater China 95.0 98.3 XX XX XX XX
India 34.3 XX XX XX XX XX
Germany 24.8 XX XX XX XX XX

(Note: Values mentioned in the table are in US$ Mn)

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Higher End User Preference for 8000-12000 Kg Capacity Pneumatic Rollers

Rising demand for pneumatic rollers with operating capacity ranging from 8000-12,000 Kg is likely to generate sales of over 2700 units by end of 2018 globally. Pneumatic rollers in this operating capacity range are witnessing increased preference on the back of maximized road density they offer. Even distribution of bitumen and asphalt facilitated by these pneumatic rollers has paved avenues for these variants in small and medium road construction projects.

Fact.MR report also highlights that the pneumatic rollers operating with over 18,000 Kg capacity are likely to witness an upsurge in the forthcoming years owing to mega road constructions such as China’s Super Highway project. However, 8000-12,000 Kg category maintains a 2.5x lead over >18,000 Kg variants in 2018.

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About the Report

Pneumatic Rollers Market Forecast, Trend Analysis and Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights, 2018-2028” is an analytical study offering vital insights on growth prospects for pneumatic roller stakeholders. The report also covers in-depth regional assessment along with key player analysis. The pneumatic roller market report is an extensive compilation of valuable information with actionable insights.

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