CCD-NL Announces: “Kasuri Webinar: Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World”

CCD-NL Announces: “Kasuri Webinar: Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World”

(PRESS RELEASE) ROTTERDAM, 13-Apr-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Join us on a journey through time and space to experience the world via its many unique weaving practices! One such weaving tradition we are looking at is Japanese Kasuri. We are organizing and hosting a webinar series which we hope will be a steppingstone for future works concerning Japanese Kasuri textile art and tradition. Our webinar series will feature a variety of speakers, including Kasuri artisans, scholars, designers, who will provide us with deeper insights into the history, production, and sustainability of Kasuri. The series will also touch upon the connections among Ikat weaving traditions in other parts of the world that are maintained to this day.

CCD-NL is binding cultures in times of crisis! Due to the COVID-19 crisis, CCD-NL has been searching for new ways to promote intercultural communication. Today CCD-NL proudly presents the second webinar of Japanese Kasuri entitled, ‘Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World’, which will take place on April. 29th, 2021.

One of our main goals during the Kasuri webinar series is to increase awareness and promote Kasuri as a product of Japanese cultural heritage. We consider it important to sustain cultural heritages, such as this old Japanese weaving technique, and we envision the promotion of Kasuri to be a viable opportunity to strengthen the relations between the Japanese and the Dutch as we intend to explore Kurume Kasuri within the context of contemporary Dutch designs.

This, however, cannot take effect unless we have support from you. Your financial support remains imperative.

As such, we kindly ask you to contribute to the fundraising goals of the Kurume Kasuri cultural project:


  • By supporting the fundraising goals of Kurume Kasuri cultural project from 5 €/euros or beyond which you can transfer in the following bank account:

Interest in Kasuri weaving, like many cultural heritages around the world, is sadly dimming. Despite the rapid changes in technology, which we are witnessing each day, we believe it worthwhile to hold onto the important practices that shaped our past and adapt accordingly moving forward into the future. With your help, we can continue to treasure Japanese Kasuri and further build the friendships that have been made through global weaving cultures.

Your contributions will be used to accommodate the speakers with anything they may need to bring the Kasuri experience to its maximum potential. This means, for example, generously providing the artisans with materials such as textile samples or crafting tools.  As we develop the webinar itinerary, we will keep you updated!

We thank you in advance for showing what the world means to you, because it means the world to us!

So, let us wrap you up in the breezy cloth of Kasuri, and join our efforts to bring this webinar series to life: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’s Kasuri!

CCD-NL’s mission is to organize projects and events on culture and development, to forge partnerships based on shared values and ethics for mutual benefit, and to deliver professionals on culture and development. CCD-NL aims at reviving ancient techniques and endangered cultural heritage to find meaning in the present for the future by creating economy & creative industries.

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