Canon Europa N.V. decided to reopen its public takeover bid for I.R.I.S. Group SA

London, 7-5-2013 — / — Reference is made to the joint press release of Canon and I.R.I.S. Group SA of 26 March 2013 announcing that Canon’s public takeover bid for all shares, warrants and stock options of I.R.I.S. Group SA was unconditional, and that the mandatory reopening of the bid was starting on that day.

Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, via its subsidiary Canon Europa N.V.,
confirms that, following the conclusion of the initial acceptance period and the
mandatory reopening of its public bid for Belgium-based company I.R.I.S. Group, it has acquired 1,439,746 shares or 92.87% of the shares subject to the bid, and currently holds 94.07% of the shares of I.R.I.S. Group.

Voluntary reopening and squeeze-out
In order to reach the 95% share threshold allowing Canon to proceed with an
automatic squeeze out within the framework of the bid, Canon has decided to reopen its bid for I.R.I.S. Group, under the same conditions as set forth in the prospectus. Shareholders who have not yet tendered their shares will have their last opportunity to do so during a voluntary reopening of the bid starting on 7 May 2013 and ending on 30 May 2013.

Shareholders can tender their shares in the same manner and under the same
conditions as during the initial acceptance period and the mandatory reopening
period, as set out in the prospectus. The offer price per share is EUR 44.50, and the price for the different warrants and stock options is mentioned in the prospectus.

If, at the end of the voluntary reopening period, Canon reaches the 95% threshold, it intends to launch a squeeze-out process. Further, if the 95% threshold is not reached, Canon reserves the right to apply for a delisting of the shares within three months following the closing of the voluntary reopening of the bid, triggering another reopening of the bid for a period of at least five business days up to a maximum of 15 business days. Such a request for delisting and ensuing reopening of the bid will only become effective if it is approved by NYSE Euronext Brussels and if, after analysis, the FSMA does not oppose to it.

Full details of the bid are covered in the offer prospectus, the supplement to the
prospectus, and the memorandum in reply prepared by the board of directors of
I.R.I.S. Group that are published on the website of I.R.I.S. Group ( and of ING Belgium ( The prospectus and the supplement to the prospectus can also be sent without charge upon request by telephone from ING Belgium SA/NV at +32 2 464 60 02 (French) or at +32 2 464 60 04 (English).

The prospectus and the supplement to the prospectus, which have both been approved by the FSMA, are also available on the FSMA website at:

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Notes to Editors:
Prospectus Availability:

The prospectus (including the acceptance form and the memorandum in reply) and the supplement to the prospectus are available in English on the website of ING Belgium SA/NV on:

They are also available in French on the website of ING Belgium SA/NV at:

The prospectus and the supplement to the prospectus are also available in English and in French on the I.R.I.S. Group website at:

Further, the summary of the prospectus is also available in Dutch on the website of ING Belgium SA/NV at:

By Phone: The prospectus and the supplement to the prospectus can also be sent without charge upon request by telephone from ING Belgium SA/NV at +32 2 464 60 02 (French) or at +32 2 464 60 04 (English).

About I.R.I.S. Group
I.R.I.S.’ mission is to increase our customers’ productivity and knowledge through helping them better manage their documents, data and information. I.R.I.S. Products & Technologies develops technologies and products for Intelligent Document Recognition and markets its portfolio on a worldwide basis through strong partnerships. I.R.I.S. Professional Solutions enables companies and administrations to find in one company the innovative expertise and
hi‐tech solutions to efficiently manage documents, information flows and IT infrastructure. I.R.I.S. has more than 500 employees based in Louvain‐la‐ Neuve, Vilvoorde and Brasschaat (Belgium), Orly (France), Windhof (Luxemburg), Amstelveen and Meerssen (The Netherlands), Aachen (Germany), Delray Beach (USA), Hong‐Kong (China) ), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway).

About Canon Europe
Canon Europe is the regional sales and marketing operation for Canon Inc., represented in 116 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Founded in 1937 with the specific goal of making the best quality camera available to customers, Canon’s tireless passion for the Power of Image has since extended its technology into many other markets and has established it as a world leader in both consumer and business imaging solutions. Its solutions comprise products, ranging from digital compact and SLR cameras, through broadcast lenses and portable X-ray machines, to multi-function and production printers, all supported by a range of value added services.

Canon invests heavily in R&D to deliver the richest and most innovative products and services to satisfy customers’ creative needs. From amateur photographers to professional print companies, Canon enables each customer to realise their own passion for image.

Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei – ‘living and working together for the common good’. In EMEA, Canon Europe pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and supporting customers to reduce theirs using Canon’s products, solutions and services. Canon has achieved global certification to ISO 14001, demonstrating a world-class environmental management standard.

Further information about Canon Europe is available at:

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