CAF’s LRV units to provide the City of Calgary with frequent and fast transport service

CAF’s LRV units to provide the City of Calgary with frequent and fast transport service

(PRESS RELEASE) BEASAIN, Spain, 18-Nov-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — CAF, Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (BME: CAF), a Spanish publicly listed company which manufactures railway vehicles and equipment and buses through its Solaris Bus & Coach subsidiary, announces that it has been selected by the City of Calgary to supply 28 LRV units which will serve the future Green Line, that will run along a 46 km north-south route across the city.

The project, which comprises the first 20 km stage of the line, is already underway and will connect Shepard Station, where the depot will be located, with the 16 Avenue North station in the north of the city.

The contract consists of the design, manufacturing and commissioning of 28 LRVs, including the delivery of depot parts, special tools and testing equipment, as well as the TSMSSA service (Technical Support and Maintenance Spares Supply Agreement). This agreement also includes the option of extending it by up to a further 24 LRVs and extending the term of the TSMSSA service. Accordingly, the volume of the contract, including the base contract and all additional options, could come to almost 300 million euros.

Calgary, in the province of Alberta, Canada, is approximately 80 km east of the Rocky Mountains. With a population in excess of one million, it has been recognised, on various occasions, as being one of the world’s cities that offers the highest quality of life. The construction and commissioning of the Green Line marks the city’s largest ever infrastructure investment. With a budget of approximately 3.4 billion euros, it is financially backed by the Federal Government of Canada, the Province of Alberta and the Municipality of Calgary, and will play a fundamental role as part of the Canadian city’s transport system.

The project will provide Calgarians with an extremely frequent and fast transport service offering connections to many key destinations all around the city. This 46km extension of the current LRT (Light Rail Transit) system together with the erection of 29 new stations will be instrumental towards shaping the future of the city, connecting the city’s residential areas, business centres and essential services, as well the main tourist attractions. This will all contribute towards new investment opportunities and economic growth in the metropolitan area, whilst also improving residents’ quality of life and helping create a more sustainable and accessible city.

The unit is part of CAF’s tram platform, called URBOS, and will comprise of 7 modules along a length of 42 metres. With a capacity to carry 288 passengers, 73 of which will be seated, its cutting-edge design will guarantee excellent user safety and comfort, with other standout features being vehicle accessibility and spaciousness.

This is the first project CAF will complete in Canada, which once again bears out the company’s ongoing international expansion and growth. This project follows the more than 40 projects that the CAF Group is currently working on across five continents.

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