Boskalis to Enhance A2 Motorway in Limburg with Innovative Approach

Boskalis to Enhance A2 Motorway in Limburg with Innovative Approach

(IN BRIEF) Boskalis, a prominent Dutch company, has secured a contract from Rijkswaterstaat to widen the A2 motorway between junctions Het Vonderen and Kerensheide. This infrastructure project aims to alleviate traffic congestion on the key north-south motorway in southern Limburg. The current 2×3 lane motorway will be expanded, covering around 20 kilometers, and 11 viaducts will be replaced. The project, valued at approximately EUR 190 million, is expected to be completed by late 2027. Boskalis stood out for its innovative solutions and sustainable approach, focusing on minimal disruption to traffic and the environment. The use of sustainable materials, circular practices, and zero-emission equipment will be central to the project, which also features the Go-Barry, a remote-controlled road barrier, to enhance worker safety.

(PRESS RELEASE) PAPENDRECHT, 29-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Peter Berdowski, CEO Boskalis: “We are delighted to be carrying out this major infrastructure project for Rijkswaterstaat and thereby contribute to the accessibility of the province of Limburg. The application of innovative solutions and a project approach in which care for the environment and safety for our employees and other stakeholders were distinctive in the award. With our long-standing expertise in earthmoving, road construction and construction of civil engineering structures, our team of passionate colleagues is looking forward to carrying out this important project.”

Boskalis will widen and upgrade the current motorway over a stretch of approximately 20 kilometers. As a result of the widening, 11 viaducts will need to be completely replaced. The connection between the A73 motorway and the A2 motorway will also be improved and the construction of fauna passages will restore the ecological connection between currently fragmented pieces of nature.

Boskalis was distinguishing in its bid by focusing on limiting traffic disruption as well as the impact on the surroundings. The phasing of the work is expected to contribute to a safe workplace whilst maintaining a good traffic flow. During construction, the use of sustainable building materials and circularity will be central and zero-emission equipment will be deployed. Furthermore the Go-Barry, a mobile remote-controlled road barrier developed by Boskalis in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat, will be used to increase the safety of our colleagues during the execution of the work.

A2 section Het Vonderen and Kerensheide
The A2 between the interchanges Het Vonderen and Kerensheide connects southern and central Limburg with the rest of the Netherlands and abroad. The highway is located in the narrowest part of the Netherlands: from the German to Belgian border, the Netherlands is no wider than 4.8 kilometers here.

This is an English translation of the Dutch press release. In the event of any disparity between the Dutch original and this translation, the Dutch text will prevail.

Boskalis is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. The company provides creative and innovative all-round solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime, coastal and delta regions of the world. With core activities such as coastal defense, riverbank protection and land reclamation Boskalis is able to provide adaptive and mitigating solutions to combat the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels, as well as delivering solutions for the increasing need for space in coastal and delta regions across the world. The company facilitates the development of offshore energy infrastructure, including renewable wind energy. Boskalis is furthermore active in the construction and maintenance of ports, waterways, access channels and civil infrastructure, thus helping to facilitate trade flows and regional socio-economic development. In addition, Boskalis is a global marine salvage expert and has a strategic partnership in terminal services (Smit Lamnalco). With a versatile fleet of more than 500 vessels and floating equipment and approximately 10,000 employees, including associates, Boskalis is creating new horizons around the world.

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