BMT WBM announces its latest development of PTMRS system

BMT WBM announces its latest development of PTMRS system

BMT WBM announces its latest development of PTMRS system

TEDDINGTON, 21-Sep-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — BMT WBM, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has announced its latest development of the PULSETerraMetrixRS (PTMRS) system for managing the machine health, production and payload measurement on large rope shovels. Productivity improvements of 8-15% have been proven after deployment of the PTMRS system.

A unique industry offering, the PTMRS system provides a real time dipper payload estimate during the swing cycle prior to dumping. Immediate and accurate dipper-by-dipper load indication to the shovel operator is required in order for the final dipper load to be trimmed to match the target load for the truck. Automatic dipper carry back measurement and compensation supports real time differential payload calculation – an important feature for operations where the material can often stick to the dipper, for instance in the Canadian Oilsands.

Charles Constancon, Director of BMT WBM Canada explains: “Unlike other payload monitoring systems which are based on electrical parameter or structural model estimation techniques to approximate the payload, the PULSETerraMetrixRS system deploys a smart loadcell sensing device, directly measuring the inertial and dynamic loads applied to the dipper and the payload. As a result, high fidelity payload measurement is maintained, even under severe dynamic loading conditions.”

Configured to communicate with any third party truck dispatch system, the PULSETerraMetrixRS can be applied to both P&H and CAT rope shovels. The system is fully supported by comprehensive data base analytics and automatically generated SQL Server email reporting. Recent advances include the definition of a robust diggability algorithm and efficiency reports mapping digging conditions on the mine plan. This provides feedback on the effectiveness of blast patterns in differing conditions within the mine, so that patterns can be optimized and blasting adjusted to suit those conditions, resulting in further cost savings.

The second generation PULSETerraMetrixRS system deploys high accuracy shear pin loadcell technology in the equalizer of the P&H machines (for configurations with and without a bail) or in the reeving blocks of the CAT machines. This increased load resolution and ease of installation represents a significant advance in the already demonstrated PTMRS approach of direct load and inertial measurement.

Charles Constancon continues: “This second generation development maintains our strong focus on payload accuracy and integrity. With over ten years of sustained commitment, we are very proud to release this new version of the system which clearly demonstrates our innovative approach to product improvement. Additionally, on hydraulic excavator machines, we expect similar performance for our PTMEX product line using smart inertially compensated loadcell sensor technology.”

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