Berlin Calling: The new wall calendar from Audi Tradition for 2017

Cover picture – Audi 50 GLS, 1978 model

  • On a journey of discovery in Berlin with twelve classic cars from Audi and NSU
  • Available now for 29.90 Euros at

INGOLSTADT, 07-Dec-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — The new wall calendar from Audi Tradition for 2017 is titled “Berlin Calling”. Renowned automobile photographer Stefan Warter presents twelve Audi and NSU vintage and classic cars in the German capital city. The Audi Tradition Calendar 2017 is available now, priced 29.90 Euros.

Berlin, the metropolis with historic buildings, cultural institutions steeped in tradition and contemporary architecture, is a centre of attraction for an international scene that is keen to experiment. And for that reason the capital is the perfect stage for the twelve pages of the new calendar from Audi Tradition. “We wanted to immerse ourselves in this atmosphere. Here we wanted to find the ideal settings for the calendar. The challenge was to present the automobile classics in a suitable setting and at the same time tell a short story about Berlin,” explains photographer Stefan Warter.

Top-quality photos packed with atmosphere make this journey through Berlin an authentic experience. In January, an Audi 100 C1 transports the observer to the Glienicke Bridge, which at the end of the 60s was the setting for a number of spy stories. In March the V8 L glides past the chancellery on a pontoon reminding us of its role as the first representational Audi Saloon in the government district. October radiates irony: an Audi 100 C3 stands as a waiting taxi at Berlin Brandenburg airport.

Month after month the Audi Tradition calendar reveals a new episode – the air of Berlin feels close enough to breathe. The main role in every scene is a classic car from the Audi brand. The oldest exhibit is the Audi 100 LS, built in 1974 and the most recent one is an Audi Coupé S2 from 1995. The only exception in the series of Audi models: the NSU Ro 80. In 2017, it will celebrate its 50th birthday. The NSU Ro 80 was the world’s first series production vehicle, launched onto the market with a twin-rotor Wankel engine, and set new standards in automobile design with its futuristic wedged body line. On the June calendar page, the Ro 80 makes a stop in Friedrichshain, Berlin’s hip quarter.

“Berlin Calling” is now available for 29.90 Euros in the shop at the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt and in the Tradition Shop in the Audi Forum Neckarsulm. The calendar can be ordered online at



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