BDI and Confindustria issued joint declaration with six final recommendations on EU industrial policy

Berlin, Germany, 19-3-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Joint call by the BDI and Confindustria for the EU spring summit. Business community taking part in German-Italian government consultations.

“Strengthening industrial competitiveness must be the core project of the next European legislative period. At the forthcoming EU spring summit the German and Italian governments must actively commit themselves to this aim.” This was the appeal made by BDI President Ulrich Grillo.

In a demonstration of their common purpose, the BDI and Italy’s largest employers’ association Confindustria have issued a joint declaration containing six final recommendations on industrial policy with the goal of urging a realignment of EU economic policy. In the next five years 90 percent of global growth will be generated outside Europe. “Only with a competitive industry can be benefit from global growth and create jobs in Europe”, stressed Grillo.

Germany and Italy have a strong industrial base. However, the state-induced rise in electricity prices leads to major competitive disadvantages. Whereas in Europe industry’s electricity prices have risen by an average of 37 percent since 2005, in the USA they have actually dropped by 4 percent. German and Italian industry are faced with the highest electricity prices in the whole of the EU.

“The European Council should call upon the European institutions to ensure that the political decisions they take, including those relating to energy and climate policy, are governed by the overriding idea of maintaining industry’s competitiveness,” emphasized Grillo. In order to bring about an industrial renaissance in Europe, the council for competitiveness must be upgraded to the role of a watchdog for competitiveness. The EU Commission must be more consistent and more transparent in subjecting all political initiatives to a test of what they contribute to competitiveness.

Grillo judged the reform programme presented by the Italian Premier Renzi as a positive signal. “Italy urgently needs structural reforms. The measures now announced must be implemented in a resolute fashion.”

The joint declaration can be seen here.


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