Banco Sabadell collaborates with UNICEF in favour of child survival

28-12-2012 — / — The Marketing Director of Banco Sabadell, Ramon Domènech, and the President of UNICEF Cataluña, Pablo Giménez-Salinas, yesterday signed an agreement for cooperation through which Banco Sabadell joins UNICEF’s “CumpleDías” campaign in favour of child survival.

“CumpleDías” is based on the right of all children everywhere to live for and count their lives in years. But the precarious circumstances in many parts of the world mean that just survival for days is a cause for celebration. The campaign aims to raise social awareness of the situation, and to provide full information on results and solutions as regards child malnutrition, which currently affects 18 million children throughout the world.

Among the initiatives agreed between UNICEF and Banco Sabadell, for action up to the end of February, is a Banco Sabadell mailing to employees and customers throughout the group, and the placing of banners on company websites and on bank statements sent out to customers.

According to the President of UNICEF Cataluña: “Banco Sabadell’s participation is and has been vital for the publicising and success of the campaign”, demonstrated by the results of the cooperation, the most successful among all collaborating companies in the UNICEF campaign in the whole of Spain.

This is not the first time that Banco Sabadell has worked with UNICEF.

In 2011, it cooperated in the “Dona 1 Día” campaign in favour of child survival, featuring Pau Gasol and Ana Duato. This year has seen another example, the Aces Solidarios initiative at the Comte de Godó trophy tournament.

“CumpleDías” Campaign

Anyone can take part in the campaign by visiting the websites and, which contain ideas for spreading the word and ways of donating. One way is to send an SMS with the word UNICEF to 28028. Every SMS sent provides the equivalent of the cost of one day’s treatment for acute malnutrition for a child. The complete treatment, which saves the child from acute malnutrition, lasts between 4 and 6 weeks and costs 42 euros.

All funds raised by this campaign will be sent to UNICEF’s child survival programmes in developing countries.

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