Banca Carige Additional Assets Subject To Possible Disposal In The Implementation Of The Reinforcement Plan

Genoa, 2-5-2013 — / — The Board of Directors of Banca Carige, which met today, carried on the examination of the assets subject to possible disposal within the plan, approved on 19 March 2013, of equity reinforcement for a maximum total amount of € 800 million, to be primarily achieved by
disposing of Group assets such as the insurance companies.

The Board of Directors, taking note of the analysis carried out by Leonardo & Co., resolved to include within the assets subject to possible disposal, in addition to the insurance companies already identified, also the equity investments held in Carige Asset Management SGR SpA (100%) and in Autostrada dei Fiori SpA (20.6%).

With the addition of these assets Banca Carige is confident of being able to effectively implement these disposals, as expected by the approved reinforcement plan.


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